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by lady bri.

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lots to update..


♥OKay, so it's been a long while. I just, couldn't find the words to say.

So My sister is at home finally. The baby still has a heartbeat, but it's stopped growing. If her hormone level doesn't go down soon they're still going to do the surgery.
She's doing better. Of course she says she feels like a murderer, and thinks she's going to hell for it.
We've told her that it's not like that. But she doesn't completely listen to us. She's just going to have to work it out with God herself. And she also wants to talk to someone prsonally who has had an ectopic pregnancy that still has healthy children. I've told her that it's still possible, and I'm getting through to her little by little!

Cukiee had her puppies! 5 of them! and ALL boys! lol We were there for the birth of 3 of them. By the time I got home from picking Melissa up from work that night, she'd already had two.
There's a solid white one [which I think he finally has a couple of VERY light brown spots coming in], a solid chocolate brown one [That Melissa wants to keep! lol], and three white ones with chocolate brown spots!
Melissa has named them all.... There's Taco [the runt], Turk [the fat one lol], Euro [The biggest one], Rome [the one she's keeping], and Indie [the independant one].

They're cute and small! lol Melissa wanted to keep all 5. I love puppies but I told her NO!! lol Because I'd be the one that had to keep up with them.
Everyone told me that Cukiee would calm down once she had her pups. Yeah- that lasted all of 3 days! Now she's back to normal, into everything. and I can't WAIT to get her lil butt back outside! lol

We made some new friends! Our new next door neighbor is really sweet! She invited us over for a bon fire with all of her lesbian friends! lol We got to know a couple of them! We've been texting all week. And supposed to be getting together again tomorrow night. [Although one of them...Flash, is in Cali for a week. So she won't be there.]

I got a new job today. I now work at Dairy Queen! lol I start tomorrow morning at 5am!! It's not much, but's a job! :]

I finally finished New Moon and Eclipse! Now I just have to get Breaking Dawn! Which I'm very excited about! :]]]]

Melissa moved to day shift! I love that! Now she gets off at 2pm. So that gives us more time to unpack together!!
BTW- The new house is coming together nicely!! I'm LOVING it!
Although we had to call the landlords. There was a leak in the kitchen. They fixed it, then found 2 more under the house, fixed those, found 4 more, fixed those, then there was one in the bathroom and one in the utility room, fixed those, then there was another in the kitchen! Took them all weekend, poor things! But they finally got it! lol I told them by the time they were done, we'd have brand new plumbing in the whole house! :]
They were sweet about it!

OKay I think that's all for now! :]
Sorry it took so long, loves! <3.

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previous entry: It's.WRONG.

next entry: Running.Away.

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sorry about the baby!

[lady burtStar|0 likes] [|reply]

I'm sorry your sister has these feelings. She sincerely can't help it, and if she'd continue with the pregnancy as is she'd end up worse off in the end. I'm sure there are people that are very willing to help her pull through though. Good luck to her.

Puppies! Delightful. Oh, and good luck at the job. 5 AM sort of makes me squeamish but it's work. :/

[Ms. Jack|0 likes] [|reply]

that's so sad to hear about your sister. i wish the best for her [;
puppies! so cute. i'm watching my little babie kittens run around as i'm typing this, lol.

[love always.Star|0 likes] [|reply]

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