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by lady bri.

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We've had a little bit of luck here lately. And I am very glad! We needed it!

So, I was worried that I was going to lose my job. The boss had a meeting and told us that if our name wasn't on the next weeks schedule that we were no longer employed. I talked to her after the meeting about me worrying, and she laughed at me. Then she told me that the meeting wasn't for me and I had NOTHING to worry about!! Then I got a 75 cents raise and an extra day a week!!! :]

With a little bit of extra money, we got Direct TV and we LOVE it! We also got the DVR! How cool is it to have the power to pause live tv? I mean seriously! lol

My mom had a little bit of credit on her Home Depot card so she took me and Melissa out and got us some pens for the dogs!! We got two kennels, one for Cukiee, one for the pups! We got them put up over the weekend!! :] It makes me so happy! Now I can clean my house! lol

So now....
about a month or so ago my cousins found a stray dog. She was long haired, shaggy. Cute little thing. She looked like a standard yorkie mixed with something else. They kept her and were so excited. [not long before that their dog had been hit by a car.] But after a week or so the new wore off I guess. They put the poor dog in their garage, tied to the door on a very short leash so the dog had very little room to walk. Barely fed her and she never had water.
Then they decided that they wanted to get rid of her. Since we were getting the pens, I decided we could put her in with the pups until we found her a home. At least then she'd be taken care of! So yesterday we went and got her. She was so dirty, her fur was all matted and oily. It was sad.
We took her and put her in the pen with our puppies. [Only because Cukiee is VERY mean and doesn't like other dogs.] Well, Cukiee got mad I guess because there were already 3 dogs in the other pen and she was still alone. So we took Dixie [that's her name!] over to Cukiee's pen and put her in. Cukiee fell in love! lol she LOVES her! It's so weird! Cukiee has NEVER liked other dogs.

Anyways- So today I made Dixie an appointment with the groomer to get the knots out. We took her up there and then when we picked her up, I didn' even recognize her! She's BEAUTIFUL!!!!
And she's not a yorkie mix at all! She's a FULL-BLOODED SCHNAUZER! So weird! :]

So, Melissa and I may be keeping her. Cukiee has never had a companion and I just couldn't take her away now!


previous entry: READ.If.You.Have.A.HEART.

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That's horrible how they treated the stray. I don't care if the novelty of the dog wore off, you don't keep it locked in the garage like that. How hard is it to give the poor thing food and water at least? I probably would have yelled at them and then taken the dog off their hands. :/ I think you should keep her!

Congrats on the raise. Direct TV is pretty nifty... until it rains. We don't have the dvr at home but everyone else I know has it and it is indeed quite fun. Just don't get too enthusiastic with recording things that show at the same time because it makes you go to ONE of the channels automatically. Oh well. It's worth it overall.

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RYC: Thanks for your input... she is a cute little kid but sometimes i would much rather punt her off our deck lol... I NEVER feel that way about kids, but last night just really got to me..

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