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check your insanity at the door
by fifty shades.

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my zoo adventure starts tomorrow



I am totally going to the zoo tomorrow after work! My work is pretty 15 minutes down the road. I'm going with to girls I work with. Whitney has never been before and her girlfriend wanted to go as well. Kendra hasn't been a work for a while because of her wrist, but she said she would meet us at the Meadowmere around the time we usually get out. We are going to jump in my car and head over. I'm excited :] I'm debating on bringing my camera. I'm not sure if I want it sitting in my trunk all day in the heat. Decisions decisions!

Work is crazy as always because we are low staffed. It's nothing new anymore. I guess I should just stop complaining about because it's not going to change!

Last Friday I went out to eat with Matt. He is a friend from college who turned into my big brother there. We haven't seen each other in a long time because he graduated two years before me and he is super busy working. He works for Gold Medal Bakery doing sales management stuff. He travels a lot, so you never know where he is going to be. He managed to meet me in the city for a break from his traveling up north. He was visiting another friend of ours for the weekend. We laughed about a ton of stuff and it was just great to see him. I hope we can catch up again sometime soon.

I'm not sure what I'm doing this weekend (Saturday) since I'm going to the zoo tomorrow. Maybe I'll convince Mark to want to go to the Aquarium in Boston and eat at the Cheese Cake Factory :] what do you think?

I'm in such a Taylor Swift mood today.

Laters, baby.


previous entry: boring day surprise

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Oh man, I'm excited for you!
I haven't been to the zoo in at least a decade.
I hope you take a bunch of photos!

[holdtehpicklesStar|0 likes] [|reply]

I took NO photos! :/ how sad.
I was running wicked late this morning & it slipped my mind.
Maybe it was a good idea I did not bring the camera though.
It was super hot outside & my camera probably would have been ruined :/
I get nervous with things like that.
Maybe if we go to the Aquarium in Boston on Saturday, I'll take my camera for sure.

[fifty shades.|0 likes] [|reply]

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