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What Dreams May Come
by Utter Silence

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Let it burn


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WhEn PuSh CoMeS tO sHoVe

Well, Gracie still hasn't had her puppies, and I get to go to work today for 2 and a half hours for this stupid training crap. Joy. Oh yesterday at work this dude torn down our awning over the drive-thru. Yeah. SECOND TIME!!! The first dude you can see, he had this van, like well, I don't know, but just like a van - a commerical van type thing - and well he had a ladder on top that got caught and tore it down.

This dude was in this huge freaking truck. Like seriously if you LOOKED at the thing you would be able to tell that you couldn't make it through, or under the thing. IT WAS RIDICULOUS!! And the dude comes inside and all, pays for his food, and we are like wtf! What do we do? We have people still lining up in drive-thru, and this awning is hanging in the way. What do you do? He comes in, all 'It isn't my fault.' Acting like he is all that, and well the typical jackass, you know the kind. He's the reason packages say DO NOT EAT, or on a cup of coffee, WARNING: CONTENTS ARE HOT. And he is like, "Well it wasn't my fault. There is not a clearance sign or anything."

Now, yes, we do not have a clearance sign, but really. I have had people that come through, see they can't fit under the awning and don't pull up to the window, instead they pull up near it, but away from the awning. Those people get out of their cars, walk to the window to get their stuff and get back in. They see awning, and see height of vehicle, hmm.... I might not fit under that. Right.... And with the clearance sign, it is really hard, because like you can LEAVE our drive thru, it is completely open to our parking lot where you can get in line without coming to the window. And we have 2 entrances to said drive thru even from the way you are supposed to come in. Not as in, 2 drive-thrus, but we have a back entrance to the parking lot and a front entrance and people come in both. What are you supposed to do?

And so Laura - my supervisor - went down to tell Dave, who is the idiot that THINKS he is gonna run the place when his dad leaves, that the awning fell. Now, yes he is working, sort of. He is showing people training videos because Arby's menu is COMPLETELY CHANGING. And he is just like "Well, I don't know." And it is like, Dave, we NEED HELP! Help us! I know that you are doing that, but I think THIS is just a little bit more important. They can sit here and watch the videos by themselves!

Needless to say he had to shut off ALL of the power outside, because the place is such crap that no one has bothered to change the lightbulbs by were the breaker box is. And then Dave puts a PLASTIC BAG over the wires, after they get the awning down, because we need the lights on outside. People think we are closed. But I got to yell at him. Because you see I got the great job of being Drive-thru cashier last night. Yep! I have NO idea where the order is, for the lady at the window and LaVonda (coworker) doesn't know what to do, because people just won't stop coming through the drive-thru. And Gloria, who is a supervisor but wasn't last night's supervisor, well she went to try and problem solve, and Laura is doing something, and she took another person with her. And it was just a big mess.

Well see, I just filled A order. It was not the one I needed. I had no idea where that order was, who was filling, what it needed, or anything. I did not TOUCH that order. And the people that ordered it must have come up to the window (and got out of their cars) and he talked to them. And the ass turns around to me as I am rushing back to the counter and says, "The people want their food." NO REALLY! YOU THINK DAVE!! WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT THEY WANTED FOOD! I said something similiar to that. And he asks me "Where is their order?" And this is the part that I snapped. "Well, I don't know Dave. If I knew, I would get it out to them, don't you think. I did not touch that order. I don't know where the order is." And he asks me again, and I realize he meant the screen, like which order on the screen. And I pointed, to the first order. Hmm... let me see, why in all of this confusion, would I keep an order up there that is gone. WHY! Why make things more confusing? A little common sense would have told you that it was the first order on the freaking screen. DUH! God, he is such an idiot.

I don't have much else, except I watched Heroes Monday night. IT WAS AWESOME!!! I love it. I want Peter. And Sylar. Sylar is freaking sweet too. I also found out that Primeval was going to be showing soon, in a few weeks. So that means that it is even sooner that BBC America will show it. I don't think they will show it until after all of Series 3 has aired. I mean, I can hope. But I doubt it.

Oh guess how the rest of my week will go! First I get to spend 2 - 2 and a half hours watching dumb, boring videos at work. (At least I get paid for it.) I go home, do what I want. Friday comes around, after school I get to go to work at 5:15 until we close at midnight. I will get home between 12:30-1:30 (depending on what all there is left to do after we close). Then I get to get up at 6:30 to shower, get ready for work/ACT. I have to leave BY 7:20am, to make it to the school I test at by about 7:40am. After that I get to go to work, which will be anywhere between noon and 1ish. Then I get to work until 8ish at night. I go home, and get to do it all over again Sunday - as I work 11:30-8 that day. JOY! And MONDAY! MONDAY! I have freaking Conference Speech Meet that I just found out about YESTERDAY! GREAT! Friday I do need to leave a note to Joyce E. who is supervisor Saturday. Because, well, I am going straight to work after my ACT and Sue rescheduled me for 1:30. Well I certainly can't GO HOME after my ACT and go back to work, nor would I. I just need to tell her that hey, I was 12-8, now it says 1:30-8, I will probably be early because I am coming straight from my ACT, just so you aren't wondering why I am early as the schedule now says 1:30.

Wow, that is a mouthful. Well, I can't think of much else. My ranting is done.

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Matt watches Heroes.

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Some people are just stupid. Very stupid.

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