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What Dreams May Come
by Utter Silence

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Hide and Seek


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WhEn PuSh CoMeS tO sHoVe

WHEEE!! Another poem. All right, so I really feel bad about all of those times when I sad I hated poetry. I'm really starting to like it more and more, with every poem. And my AP class did help give me a much greater appreciation of it. I don't know. Just ramblings of a weirdo. Enjoy!!! And comment, random comments are loved. ^_^

Take a tumble weed
Turn it round
Take a four leaf clover
Burn it down.
The clock strikes twelve,
You run far, far away.
Hide and Seek.

A teddy bear
Broken down.
A Barbie doll,
In Therapy town.
Wrapped up in rain.
Depression is the insanity
Of the

Buttons, strings, and
Little beads scattered forever –
Eternity. Take a flower,
Set it free. Take a second,

Stopping, starting, looking
Back. There goes your chance.
The clock strikes one, now don’t
You see? The magic vanished, simple,
Invisible chaos. The clock strikes two.
It’s over now. No more Hide and Seek.
No more
Work – now!

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previous entry: .syad neves ni eid lliw uoY

next entry: Home. Sweet Home.

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I love the parts about toys and games.

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