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What Dreams May Come
by Utter Silence

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the worlds wide open.

man, it was not really a bad day until i get home. my friends ignored me as normal... well not ignore just kinda... well that is complicated but not the reason for this entry.

The reason is when I got home from school and then my mom got home she is all like "Weren't you supposed to be at work by 4." And I am like "No, I don't have to be there until 5." And she is just like "You told me 4!" and I go upstairs to change cause i had to leave, and thinking that it is just ridiculous, I did not say 4.. and she must have confused it with wednseday. (i can never spell ridiculous)

Then I get to work, and work... duh... no big deal. Alicia comes in at like 8... cause she wants to talk to me, and we sit in lobby and talk until like 9... (after I get off, of course). then i go home, and what do i find. MY FUCKING ROOM IS CLEAN!!! she went through all of my stuff... and just fucking decided what to throw away and what not to. all right, that is a lie, i am just assuming.... but still, she DID go through my stuff and everything...

I do not like people going through my stuff. If my parents want my room clean, or have someone coming over to go into the walk in attic, please tell me the date and I will pick up my room. otherwise, it is just going to piss me off. I do not want to be babied... because I am not a fucking baby. I know where everything is at in my room. Going through my stuff is just going to piss me off and..... man that all sounds really childish, but i am a very private person and this is just the worst thing anyone could have done. You jsut don't DO THAT.

I am sorry if this sounds childish. But I do not want anyone cleaning my room. that is my job, if you are SOO busy then don't do it, otherwise do not complain to anyone about being too busy, because I did not want you going through my fucking stuff. and i am sure it does, it is just... GRRR!

so i did the childish thing, and messed up my room again... i do not know what the hell went through her mind to think that i would want that... or she was just trying to piss me off... either way... i do not care. it is probably because she got all pissy when she got home after about when i had to be at work, and then she wanted to use my phone, and i actually WANTED my phone... in case I got in a wreck or needed it, ya know. You always need it when you don't have it. and i just said, i was not even being snotty or anything... i was just like, "Well, I really don't want to. You know, you use my phone more than the home phone. You should just get your own. It would be easier." And she just FLIPS A BRICK. she is like "WELL, I pay for the phone. It is not your phone. It is my phone. If you want a phone, you can pay for it yourself. If we get rid of the homephone then internet goes to. I do not have the money to pay for a phone."

Mind you, the only thing my phone does is call. I do not have any messaging, and can not get on the internet. Only calling, and it is the CHEAPEST plan alltel has. and I am just standing there, she is getting the dogs food and i am in the kitchen... and i am like, wtf, I was not arguing with you. I was just making a point.... And I had told she grouchy when she got home cause she was! She was in a bad mood, and it is just like wtf, I did not do anything.

And so before I left I am just like, "Just thought you would like know how childish you are acting." mainly because she was, getting pissed off over nothing, and taking everything I had said all out of context and throwing a fit when I wanted my phone (and yes she does pay for it, but still, you don't have to react like THAT.)

So maybe she did it to piss me off, I don't know. Either way it did, and I am not happy. And GRR!

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previous entry: Writing

next entry: HELP!! (anyone...seriously now.)

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