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What Dreams May Come
by Utter Silence

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Good Can't Stop


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the worlds wide open.

Well my friend broke up with her BF today, well he is calling it a "break", so I suppose they technically aren't broken up. *sigh* It really just sucks cause this is her graduation week, and so it is already emotional enough. I was not able to get a lot of info because she was crying and my phone has a sucky speaker.... (probably due to throwing it, and dropping it, and losing it in the snow, getting it thrown out the window of a rolling car, it has gone through a lot my phone has.)

But yeah, that is really my only update. I just hope that I will be able to help her and stuff, because... well... I've never had a boyfriend. I consider myself fairly empathetic so hopefully that will be enough, with my lack of life experience.

She said she would tell me tomorrow, either when I get off work or call me after I get off work.... Hopefully it will be after I get off work, that way it will be easier to understand (like i said my phone sucks).

I hate to say it, but in some ways it is a good thing they have broken up or in a "break". Because, this past week has just been horrible for her, and she doesn't deserve that. I really don't want to ramble on and on, about it. Now it is just the long and arduous road to making her feel better and happy, yet not bitter and sad about everything or angry either. And trust, my lord, it is the road to building her trust back up, not just to him (we work with her BF, or ex-BF), but to other people too. Because I have this odd feeling that she has a slight trust issue right now.

To other news. My mom is not mad at me anymore. And I had a chance of getting an Iphone, but AT&T is an idiot and does not have coverage where I live so it would be like insanely expensive when they terminate my contract (if I were to get it). I got my mom flowers for Mother's Day.

And I saw Star Trek, WHICH WAS AWESOME!! I LURVS IT!! AND I wanna see it again!

So I need a serious list of romantic comedies. I'm gonna need to start this list... and decide what the best ones are.

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previous entry: HELP!! (anyone...seriously now.)

next entry: Cheers

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