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What Dreams May Come
by Utter Silence

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30,010 = 29 = 71


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the worlds wide open.

TWEEE! So I am SO proud of myself. I have finished the first HALF of my story. I have 30,000 words and I am half-way down with it. Well the first half of the story is over. Or third, I am not exactly sure if I will split the rest of it in 2 parts or just 1. I am thinking third, so the first THIRD of my story is done. Nevertheless this is still great. 30,000 words and 29 chapters and 71 pages (Normal font) since I started in December. Hey, this is great for me. It always takes me SO long. But truthfully this is just one story out of 5 in a contained arc, I still have to write the other 4. ;P

Actually these last 2 chappies took me forever. And it usually takes me longer to write if none of my friends are online, cause I don't know. While I might not talk much while I am writing, it still makes things easier. Like, if I have an issue and I need to talk it through (or type it through, I guess) I know I can if someone is on. But if no one is on, then I tend to just try and think and through or just give up completely cause my brain is just weird like that.


Hehe... well.... see I could ramble about school and prom and work and crap like that. But I chose not to, because well, I am on one of my creative highs. I just wanted to say that I am SO PROUD of myself. Now, to get back to writing. TWEE.

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I haven't seen Adri in forever..

When do I gets it? xD

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