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Beyond Belief
by A RedSox Fan

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717 phone call from Karen and other things


717 phone call and other things 6 12 15

Life can be so confusing. We are all here for a said amount of time and we are all so unique.
Emotions, behaviors, knowledge, curiosity, and the social, biological and psychological aspect of who we are, is shaped every day.
And if you figured something out about this life, congratulations, you are a smarter person than I.

Today’s Thursday, there for, I go to work today. So I’ll go to work, run a group for 10 minutes and who knows what else I’ll do. If nothing else, I will be playing games. Blah.

So Tuesday at work I got yelled at by my coworker who I’m helping with finding donations.I spent 14 Hours, writing up this letter, funding request for my coworker’s youth group. Since google doc sucks and is not conpatable with my screen reading program, it makes doing anything on that, near to imposible to do. So anywho, the end result was that I had unknowingly deleted and saved a draft of her revision with just the words “redsox”. The document was gone. (I can explain the entire situation but wont) she cursed at me, yelled at me, tried to turn it on me for not being able to use google doc. I tried the best I could to calm the situation but she just pushed it aside for a moment because, mind you, we were at work with clients around. We shouldn’t be even doing this stuff at work.

I decided to give myself time-space from her-this project. She sent a few emails and texts over the next 24 hours and I just ignored them. I would read them when I felt ok. I was shocked to read, when I finally got to them, that she had sent the letter I wrote to the Mayor of Boston’s family and youth department. (although it was written for companies, not for political people, I would have written it a lot differently if I knew she was going to send it there…) the mayor’s office first wrote back and said the head of whatever department will look it over and be in contact in about 5 business days. I look at the next email from her and apparently someone over in the Mayor’s office read-liked what I wrote because they sent another email a few hours later, saying so and so wants to meet with you.

I’m not sure where this is going or for how long I’ll be a part of it but it’s been an interesting ride so far.

My parents are still not talking. My mom called me from the casino a few times on her birthday after I called her in the morning to wish her a happy birthday.She didn’t hit for anything big but she said she enjoyed it. I’m not sure when I’ll bring up the money situation.
(because my sibs are lazy or something) I made a reservations for my mom’s b day dinner for this Sunday, 5P at a Chinese Restaurant for 13 of us.

I’m sitting at work where more minor drauma goes down between my coworker and my supervisor and her puppet. It’s petty things that are just adding fuel to the fire.

Also, while I’m sitting here, I got an email from my sister, asking if I would be interested in finding –applying for grants for Camp Menorah, a Jewish camp that I attended for a few years as a kid and she has spent most of her life being tied to in some capacity.
I said sure. She gave me a name-email addy to contact and she told me he is someone who went to camp with her and was also a counselor when she was a counselor. I wrote him a letter and so now I have to seriously, get serious about all this as I will be working for 3 different organizations…that’s a lot of work!

If you don’t want to hear about Karen, than stop reading here as the rest will be about her

I stopped sending good morning texts to her for a few days because I had not heard from her much and when I did, it was just a text of “good morning” or “*hug*”

I was pleasantly surprised when my phone wrang on Wednesday morning at 9AM. And it was Karen. She asked me how I was and then asked me how the baseball game was. From there, I told her all my crap, (work, family, money, grant, etc) and told her that I didn’t like complaining because she never complains to me. She told me about this friend who was seeing a girl for a week and then got engaged to her. He is 33 and she is 21. After that second week, her parents sent her to a mental health place. He said that her parents are just trying to keep her from him and that she doesn’t have any mental issue. He was “blowing up” Karen’s FB feed and called her to discuss it with her and she told him everything he didn’t want to hear and wouldn’t listen. Every day it’s more of the same on her FB feed. Karen kept bringing up the age difference. I stopped her and said so if me and you end up together…? (with NO hesitation she said) there’s only 9 years between us, that’s different. I laughed. I told her that its not so much that there is 12 years between them, it’s that she’s 21 and he’s 33. … So we talked about that for a while.

She was out side, looking at her garden. She was telling me all the fruits, vegetables, and leafy things, like mints she’s growing. She knows I love mint and asked for my address again, so she could send me some in the mail. I asked if she could send me some hugs and kisses. She said she didn’t know how to package them but would love to. I said, I guess I’ll just have to come and get them in person. she responded with a gitty “YUP”

One thing she said that made me grin so big…she asked if I knew what a specific flower looks like. I said no. She said, imagine a firework after it goes off. (pictures it) and then she goes on to explain the flower. After she explained the flower, I said, that was amazing. Your description is exactly what I pictured when you said to imagine fireworks. … and she said it without thinking and her details is like painting a picture giving this blind man a world of colors like no one else can do.

She told me about work, how she moved to a different store and loves her manager. We talked about that for a bit.

2 weeks ago, she had sent me a text saying that she had a dream about me, to remind her the next time we are on the phone and she’ll tell me the dream.

I said to her, at some point,
J: You were going to tell me about a dream you had about me.
K: (giggles) yes, and believe it or not, I actually remember it.

We were in my car, heading to my work. I wanted to introduce you to my coworkers and show you around the store. So I was driving and you had asked if you could drive. I was like, mmm ok. So I pull to the side and we switch seats.
J: did we get out of the car or did we like, do a little dance?
K: hmmm we were on the highway, so I guess we did a dance.
I let you know that it was ok to pull out and you floored it. I was giving you directions, but when I told you to slow down, you sped up and screamed.
J: you mean like WEEEEEEEE!
K: (busts out laughing) oh my god yes. Just like that.
J: I bet when you woke up you were smiling.
K: (she was still laughing) actually, when I woke up I was laughing.
J: I’m glad I made you smile.
K: You are smiling too.
J: yaah, I am.
(sorry, that conversation was in the middle of the phone call, after I was telling her about all my negative crap) (and her description was way more detailed)

Near the very end of the phone call, I asked her why she doesn’t call me when she’s in the car.
She said that there is construction on the highway and there is no way I would be able to hear you. But I want to, I want to talk to you more. hmm Next week I am closing a few nights so I can definitely call you then. There wont be any construction.

She said that she had to go before it got too hot out. She had to tend to her garden. (of which she had 11 garden beds, where she told me the demention of each earlier in the phone call, as well as some number of pots and the entire side of the driveway is strawberries.)

After 2 hours and some minutes, she had to go to attend to her garden before it got too hot to work in the garden.

K: I miss you and I love you Jonathan.
J: I love you too Karen
K: Talk to you lataaah (giggles)(she loves my accent)
J: latah, bye.

Thursday morning, I was hoping to surprise her as I woke up at 8AM WAY before I usually wake.
However, I get the following text…

K: Good morning. On my way to work and sooooo not awake lol (Sent: 5:32 AM)
J: Good morning <3 what a pleasant surprise U beat me to it. Hope u've a peachy day (Sent 8:28AM)
J: Let's floor it... WEEEEE! (8:29 AM)

previous entry: 337. Thoughts of Lithium music on my moms birthday *poem

next entry: 858 all hands on for solidarity at my temple 11 10 2018

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Sounds like a rollercoaster of emotions and just life happenings going on. I hope the grant writing starts to take off for you! Hang in there. I really hope
Karen doesn't string you along more. You are too great a guy to deserve that.

[Simply*Carlise|0 likes] [|reply]

Wow your coworker shouldn't have spoken to you like that. That's awful. Especially after all the time you put into it. Things happen. Technology doesn't always cooperate. No reason to act like that.

I'm glad you got to talk to Karen again. I definitely think there should be more communication between you two, but I guess just take what you can get!

[Mrs. Evans|0 likes] [|reply]

Work can be frustrating and annoying. Glad that your letter reached someone though.

I don't think the girls parents were concerned about the age difference. I think they were concerned by how very fast he proposed. A week? I would have been very concerned as her mother as well.

[Greta GarbageStar|0 likes] [|reply]

I hope things start to get a lot less stressful for you! It's rough when you have stress in your life in so many areas.

[Belle Ivy RoseStar|0 likes] [|reply]

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