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Beyond Belief
by A RedSox Fan

previous entry: 706 memory lane or the first time. Karen P2

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707 game 2 work sucks phone with Karen is SF here yet 5 7 15


707 game 2 work sucks phone with Karen is SF here yet 5 7 15

Quick update

Went to my second game of the year with my friend Rachel and two of her friends. It was really fun even though the Red Sox lost, which, they’ve been doing a lot of lately. I’m so mad at my Red Sox.
I went on May 4th. It was Star Wars night. Something the rest of the world apparently knew about for years and years. I never heard of it. Thousins of people were at the game dressed up in costumes.
The Red Sox even recognized it by having Chewiee throw out the first pitch. That was pretty cool.

Work sucks. Who knows who’s coming or going. My supervisor was suppose to move to a new house as of May first. She’s still running our house. A coworker last week told me that she’s not moving now, after it was a big production, very sad projection. So now I’m not sure what’s going on. I just want out of there but who knows what I’ll do.
I feel like a mix of senioritis and a sitting duck.

I’ve been consumed with writing the next part to the Karen story. It’s taking me so long and it seems I will never finish. It maybe a while but I’ll get it done. I have to slow down and not be so consumed. I have other things which I’m neglecting.

Speaking of Karen: I talked to her yesterday on the phone for 2 hrs…till she had to go to work. She was telling me about what’s been going on at her new job. She seems to like but just not the manager of her store or some of the people she works with. Basicly, they’re lazy and self-centered. She’s the assistant manager at a Wallgreens.
Her little dog Mogi, loves me. Karen puts me on speaker phone and Mogi gives the phone puppy kisses 

I told her somethings that are going on in my family that I wont share here but it spilt into me talking about my finances. I felt bad after since I know she doesn’t have much and I have a few dollars saved up.

I asked if she still has the braille maker I gave her. She said she did, that it was in the top drawer of her desk on the right hand side. This made me smile. I didn’t know if she had thrown it away or if it was just thrown in a box but she knew exactly where it was.
Somedays I wonder where or if we’re heading anywhere. Other days I just smile, because she’s in my life and that’s better than not and other days I’m a dreamer…
I left my heart in Indiana

Saturday morning I’ll be heading to San Francisco. It still doesn’t seem real. 4 days with my crazy friend Lisa and a city to take over. I have lots planned and I have lots of free time for us too. We have 2 baseball games, Alcatraz, a wine tasting and reservations on Mother’s day night at a steak and seafood restaurant that overlooks the Bay. We’re going to get dressed up for that then we’ll hit the bars and stumble our way back to the hotel…good times good times.

previous entry: 706 memory lane or the first time. Karen P2

next entry: 708 jetbluing to Cali Lisa 05 08 2015

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Instead of wondering where you stand with her all the time, ask her. Tell her you wanna be with her.

Is she still with her bf?

[foreverglow|0 likes] [|reply]

I am with foreverglow and also wondering the same thing.

[Greta GarbageStar|0 likes] [|reply]

what?Is it wrong that I'm kind of ticked that instead of going to SF, you're not going to see Karen? - not really, you have to love SF... I live 6 hours away from there and I have never been there. I am hoping to go this year. It sounds like you are going to be having too much fun anyway.

I don't know why Karen doesn't pack her life and move in with you and start over. I would totally have made you my roomie by now

[septemberocio|0 likes] [|reply]

I feel the same way about my Dallas Cowboys every year. lol

[twistedlady|0 likes] [|reply]

I hope things start to get better for you at work! When things aren't running smoothly it can be super frustrating.

Have a great trip and be safe!

[Belle Ivy RoseStar|0 likes] [|reply]

I'm excited for you! Your trip came up so fast! Can't wait to hear about your crazy adventures!

Sorry your Red Sox have been losing. And sorry work has been sucking so bad!

[Mrs. Evans|0 likes] [|reply]

RYC: Thanks! I loved getting to say it because it was on my mind all the time and driving me nuts haha. It was like not saying it was making me think about it more and I almost slipped and said it so many times.

I do feel it for him and I'm excited to see it grow into something even deeper.

You're almost there, just hang in there a few more days!

[Belle Ivy RoseStar|0 likes] [|reply]

previous entry: 706 memory lane or the first time. Karen P2

next entry: 708 jetbluing to Cali Lisa 05 08 2015

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