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Beyond Belief
by A RedSox Fan

previous entry: 703 phone call with Karen 04 21 2015

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704, school, work, Fenway park and Karen 4-2915


(Not that anyone cares…but I wrote this 4 page entry and it didn’t save ug, so here I try again. I am really sorry that I’m not going to spell check it)

I had told a coworker (SA) that I was going to take a grant writing class a few months ago. She runs a youth group in Boston and wanted to see if she could find money so wanted to talk to me about it. I told her at the time, we’ll see. Fast Forward to Thursday, I told her that Friday will be my last day of classes. She was excited for me and said that she needs to sit down with me to talk about it. I told her that she needs a few things in order to be awarded a grant. One was a 501 C3 tax exempt. She said she had that. I told her she needed board members, other funds and other things and she was telling me that she had everything. I told her to send me the document she wrote up with her goals and mission statement.
She also had a grant opritunity that fell into her email. I told her to send that too.
She invited me to a team meeting Saturday night. I wanted to read everything over and take a few minutes to figure out if I wanted to join her team.

Friday 24-4
Grant: I read over the materials she sent me and it was impressive. I looked at the email with the grant opritunity and replied to her “It’s 4-24 and the submission dedline is 4-23, sorry)

Last lesson
Today was the last lesson of my grant writing class. I reviewed the material and copied it to my computer. Took the last quiz. The previous few days I was looking through all the other material so I would not have over 200 pages of information to study in one day. I finished reviewing. Studied for most of the afternoon-early evening. I looked at the exam. You can look at the final exam. You can read the exam as much as you want but only submit your answers once. I copied the questions to a word document, marked off the answer, went back to my notes and tried to find the correct answers from the lessons.
I submitted my answers at 11:42 and I only got a 94 on the exam. 
I told my mom and came back to my computer. I saw a link to rate the professor but another that I didn’t know what it was. It told me I should click it so I did.
A Generated certificate popped up that had the school name, the class name and course number as well as my name. It was so cool. So I saved that.

Saturday 4-25
Fenway park
My twin had sent out an email to see who wanted to go to this free openhouse at Fenway Park. My sister had a wedding in upstate NY and my older bro had to work so it was just me, him, his wife and their son. We met up at the stadium.

They had lots of things for children. Outside of the stadium they had a face painter, a cartoon-animal balloon maker and they have music. Devin (my nephew) wanted a balloon. We went over and they guy was really funny and really good. He made Disney princesses, super heroes, animals and hats. He was funny, he was teasing this 5 year old girl by kept purposely mispronouncing her name and cracking jokes that went over kid’s heads. And her age, she said she was 5 he said oh, 5-5, you are 55? You don’t look 55? NOO I’M 5! You are fine? I’m glad to hear you are fine. NO, 5 I’m five. I know you already told me you were fine… this went on for a good 10 mins, her parents were laughing just as much as everyone else. Another kid he asked if he knew there was a lady doing face painting, he said to the boy he should go check that out and tell her the balloon guy loves her. Just don’t tell my wife.
Devin was scared at first.Baloon guy asked him what his name is. Devin didn’t say anything. Justin encouraged but nothing. They guy says “Devin I bet I can guess your name, is your name…silly feet? NOOOwww (no but extending the W sound) He ended up making Devin a green and red doggy holding a baseball bat that has “go red sox” written on it. So cute. He loved it.

From there we went into the stadium. We walked around the underneath part, where the consession stands are. Justin saw a long line, at least 100 long to go into the clubhouse. We kept walking and a women told us to go down those stairs. Justin figured it was a shortcut to get onto the field… Down stairs, through 2 set of double doors and down one more set of stairs and we were in the visiter’s clubhouse. So cool. It was roped off so you could just walk through but it’s still cool. I got a pic with the clubhouse behind me. We continued on and found ourself in the visiter’s dougout. Yup, so awesome. We sat on the bench and I got a picture there, I stood by the dougout phone, and got a pic there. We walked up to the field and Justin took a pic with me facing the dougout. The field was roped off but you could walk around the entire parita of the field, on the dirt path. Justin took lots of pics. I touched the green monster (famous left field wall) A pic of me in center field with the entire field and all the boxes that are behind home plate, behind me. That’s my FB profile pic. Another pic which honestly was my favorite… I was against the bullpen and I slightly turned and had my armup and over the wall, as if I was robbing a homerun. We had finished going around the field, and walked back under. There was a club they turned into a kid’s play room. There was Legos and crayons and other things for kids to do. It was awesome. On the wall there was memorabealers that while Lindsay and Devin played, Justin and I walked around and he was reading some of the plaques. Justin took a bunch of pics of Devin playing and then we were done. We were there for over 2 hours.
It was amazing. I felt feelings when I was on the field that I never felt and cant explain it. I got to walk on my Nirvana.

Later I went to meet my coworker and her team at a Paneara bread.
She told me there would be 7 of us, there was only 4 of us. She seemed to be so disorganized, Chaos. I hope she only came off like that.
I spoke about grants but also mentioned fund raisers. She thought you can only get one grant per a year. I explained you can get as many grants as you apply for and awarded. I mentioned many types of fund raisers including the ones where you team up with a restaurant. They never heard of that.
She wanted to do a fund raiser that I was unsure about. She would have an item )her example, a bluetooth head set) and people would donate $X for a chance and they would pick a name and whomever wins, wins the prize. It would be ran through FB and PayPal.

She delegated calling a list of people to one of the others and the other lady said, ok, what do you want me to say? My coworker knew what she wanted her friend to say but couldn’t put it in words. She said she would email the names, phone numbers and what exactly she wanted her to say.
I brought my game face and they did not. Especially my coworker was laughing more than talking. It got annoying. I hope she was just nervous. We’ll see how it goes. I’ll try to help where I can.

Sunday 4-26
We have a health-wellness lady who comes to my work to run a group with the resients. Last time, she had made a healthy dinner. I was in the know of what was going on because, I was the one who responded to her on a date and time. She wanted to do a group. When I got to work, my coworkers were told by our boss that she was going to assist in preparing dinner with the residents. I told them that she was here to run a group. They started to argue with me, telling me that I was wrong. I asked them if they saw the email. They both said no. I said ok, and I did. I can show you the email but apparently our boss never read the email and rather assumed that since she help make dinner last time, she would do it this time.
When the lady came, my coworker said to her that the stuff to make dinner is on the counter. Our boss told them. The lady said “WAT? I never said that” I cracked up laughing and explained the situation and the health wellness lady was nice about it, putting assisde her agender of doing a group on healthy eating to assist the residents in cooking this healthy meal.
When she left, she asked the residents what health group they would want her to do. One said a group on cutting down on smoking. Considering 6 of 7 residents smoke, that’s a great topic.

She had asked me what I was doing, she knew that I was not happy with this company the last time she was here. I had told her about me completing the grant writing class. She said she had a friend who was looking for a grant writer and asked if she could pass my name on, I said sure.

Monday 4-27
Finish copying notes
During the class, there was suplimentary materials you could use. I didn’t use them but I wanted them now. I went through each lesson and saved the suplimentary materials. There ended up being more than 30 pages of forms, links and templets

Monday afternoon
I spent (I think?) more than 2 hrs on the phone with Karen. not once, but 3 times she said "well come on out" (to visit) I had to remind her that once she finds a few days for me to come, let me know and I will book a flight and a hotel.
We talked about omg like, everything. dark moments, and bright moments, we talked about her very healthy diet (She has a very green thumb…) and I told her I could live like that. ... and that's actually where I turned it interesting I said it would probably make your sweat taste different. (when I was with her and kissing her shoulder-neck, her skin tasted earthy yum) she said "Jonathan, get your mind out of the gutter" I said "you drive me nuts sometime. you know that? You are this sweet innocent girl on the outside and I know there is a little devil in there" she said "you want to see my dark side, huh?" "YES"

I talked about being nervous about touching her, as I explained "I cant see your facial expression, I cant read your body language" and she said that she would tell me, she said she wouldn't slap me and run away (like I told her I'm afrade she would do (or any woman)) and she told me that if something feels uncomfortable, I would tell you that it's too much or I would move your hand to show you what I do like, what I am comfortable with" ...

I brought up kissing, she said that she wants to kiss me too. (in my words, a real kiss, last time she gave me extended pecks...) I said "hmmm so when I visit, hmm, not in a real public area, hmm when I visit you and we're sitting in the car and I kiss you, a real kiss, you would be ok with that?" "mmhhmm I might be nervous for the first second but I know that it will be ok because I'm with you" me: you get nervous? She" yaaah, of course I get nervous. why would you not think I do? me: I've heard your nervous tone before when talking about other things and other people and I've never heard your nervous tone when talking to-with-about me" She: I get nervous but it's never a strong nervous.

Going back in the convo, the dark part, I told her that I'm amazed when I think back and remember things that you have told me that if they happened to me, I would not be able to admit it to myself never mind telling someone else but you have, you have told me those things. (she asked for an example, which I gave her but will leave between me -her) I told her how surprised I was that she was able to open up that way and that I hope someday I would be able to open up to her like that too. I told her that I will when I wake up next to her, and she's still there, then I will be able to completely open up to her.

(ug, I left things out and cant think of what else we talked about)

previous entry: 703 phone call with Karen 04 21 2015

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Congrats on finishing your class! Sounds like you had a great trip to Fenway Park too. I hope you can get to see Karen soon!

[Belle Ivy RoseStar|0 likes] [|reply]

WTG on finishing your class. Hope you get to spend time with Karen xx

[theUpsandDownsofLife|0 likes] [|reply]

RYC: Thanks for the tips! Music doesn't help like it used to. I think I need something physical to do to calm myself. I can try meditation and working out, maybe painting or some other creative act will help too.

[Belle Ivy RoseStar|0 likes] [|reply]

Finishing your class is awesome! Your coworker does seem unorganized and uninterested. I'd be annoyed, too.

Rooting for you to see Karen soon!

[Greta GarbageStar|0 likes] [|reply]

Congratulations on finishing your class! That's awesome! And I'm so happy that you're happy with how things are going with Karen. Sounds like the open house was fun too! I really want to go to games this year. I haven't been to a game in years!

[Mrs. Evans|0 likes] [|reply]

previous entry: 703 phone call with Karen 04 21 2015

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