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This was a triumph
by Anonymous Source

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Bianca's family loves me. Lots of them don't speak English, and I don't speak Spanish, so my relationship with many of them is very superficial. However, her dad really digs me, as does her mom, so I got that going for me.

In my previous relationship with Allahia, I got the feeling her dad looked at me with suspicion. He didn't love white people in general. He experienced lots of racism in his life, and spent a few years in prison for it, where he was treated even worse because of the color of his skin. He converted to Islam since then, joined the Freemason society, and became a sovereign citizen. Fairly conspiracy-theory ish, but he wasn't ever hostile to me. He appreciated that I seemed to really care about Allahia, but he wasn't exactly opening up to me.

Before that, Deanna's mom liked me, but she wasn't too bright. She was into witchcraft and shit. Not really my thing.

Overall, I have the ability to form great relationships with rational, normal people. However, I tend to have a bit of a mouth when it comes to people who live their lives in the fringe. I don't ever really mean to be openly impolite about things, but I don't exactly show a lot of interest in the occult, and I'm the kind of person whose emotion is written all over my face and body. I can't really help it. But I do try as hard as I can to be very polite, and because of that, I've always had a good relationship with my SO's parents.

Side note: Can't really call it theme of the week right now. It's looking to be theme of the decade.

previous entry: The worst 3 days of my life

next entry: Lying to your children

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Great e try I just asked about totw in fb group [*Kimberly|0 likes] [like|reply]