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This was a triumph
by Chris

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NoJoMo practice


I thought I would get started today as sort of a practice round. Not much has been going on. I came back to work this past week as some of you already know, and as soon as I got situated, I've been putting out fires left and right. Charlie has been a delight. His meltdowns are getting less and less frequent, and he's developing amazingly. His cooing noises are starting to become a little more responsive to other people speaking, and he's tracking much better with his eyes. He should be going in for his shots this week. One thing he IS doing more is spitting up. I guess babies just sort of do that, but despite me not thinking much of anything of changing dirty diapers, I find cleaning up drool and vomit much more gross.

I think my mom is going to leave her husband. It's been a long time coming. She's also been having some troubles at her job, and she doesn't know if she'll find another one because it's rough to find a job at 55+, especially in her industry (rental property management). I just told her to retire and just stay with me for as long as she needs to. She shouldn't need to feel trapped at a job where she's being iced out by jealous management who wants to take credit for her accomplishments, and micromanage her work. And she shouldn't feel trapped at home in dead silence with a husband she barely even speaks to anymore. At least here with me, she can be with her grandbaby, and she won't have to pay a single bill. Just her presence helps out a great deal, and my wife is fully on board, and agrees with my sentiments.

That's basically all I have for today. The actual NoJoMo entry will probably be even less eventful than this one. I guess I'll use the prompts, or even the new themes of the week.

previous entry: Am I no longer happy at my job?

next entry: TOTW 423, option 3

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Charlie sounds darling! Sorry your mom is struggling. My dad lost his job at 64 and it took a year to find a new one (he had a 6 month temp job while finding the permanent job) in Tennessee. She's lucky to have you!

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