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This was a triumph
by Chris

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NoJoMo #6-1 - I almost did nothing today


So I didn't get like, anything at all done at work today. Honestly. It was just a super slow day, and nothing came in, so it might as well have been a nice day off. My wife and my mother in law had this weird misunderstanding this morning about whether or not I'm going to go get her to watch Charlie today. You see, she's delightfully volunteered to be a weekly caretaker for Charlie when Bianca and I are working, and so we've been leaning on her quite a bit.

For context, she lives in Miami Gardens, and I live in Lauderhill, which is about a 30 minute drive away. Today, I was on the Turnpike about 5-10 minutes away from house, and she calls Bianca and says, "hey if Chris is tired, he doesn't have to come all the way here and get me, I have stuff to do around the house anyway." And then Bianca texts me and says, "hey you don't have to go." Well, I called her, and told her that I was already 5 minutes away from her house. She apparently thought I fucked off back to bed or something. So she calls her mom and straightens it out, but her mom just seemed like "ugh" about the subject of babysitting Charlie today.

To-be-continued, Charlie alarm.

previous entry: NoJoMo #5 - Podcast

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What a trek. I hate going to Miami! Sounds like she didn't want to do it.

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