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This was a triumph
by Anonymous Source

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I've become the guy that kisses his dog on the mouth


I love my dog so much that I can't even believe it. I literally can not imagine my life without her in it. It's insane. I don't even know how I'm going to feel once I have a kid. Maybe I'll change my name to *~*Daddy2Izzy*~* or something like that.

Kidding, mommy diaries.

Work has been going okay. I've been mostly confused by it. I guess I've never been a part of such a large organization before, and the corporate structure is so complex. I don't know what a lot of people do, or what the function of entire departments are. I tried to get some information from my manager, and he tried to explain it the best he could, and... it was still so complex. He tried to draw it down on a piece of paper, and it looks like three venn diagrams had an orgy with a pie chart, with every piece labelled with some task or function. At least I can say I know what my job is, and I know I do it well.

But I need to learn so much more. I need at least a degree and a few certifications if I want to be marketable as an employee that deserves my fat salary.

I really hope I can keep going with this diary, and even get more involved in the community, but I have this tendency to keep something going for a couple of weeks, or even months, and then disappear for a few months at a time.

previous entry: Lying to your children

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I'm terrible at sticking at things [just delStar|0 likes] [like|reply]

How does your dogs butt taste? lmao jk

Can't imagine working in the corporate world, at least at my age now. I've worked for the school board for close to 20 years and still don't know what half the departments are responsible for lol

I completely understand about writing here. I used to be gungho about it, updated almost every day, sometimes more than once a day. Now I'm lucky to write 5 entries in one month. This month is my best month since Bloop was put on life support lmao [Greta GarbageStar|0 likes] [like|reply]

Dude, my dog is my life. No joke. When Kyle and I first moved in together, we lived in a tiny ass apartment and couldn't have any pets. Not even a fish. So when we moved to our townhouse after a year, I pretty much told him in no uncertain terms that we were getting a dog. He's never had one. Now that we've got Sammy, he's our kid. I get where you're coming from.
I want to stick to writing here as well, but my issue is I'll start an entry, get frustrated or bored, and then just leave it. I have about 5 unfinished entries just waiting for me. :/ [Oprah Noodlemantra|0 likes] [like|reply]

I hope you'll be able to get a handle on how the company works. I feel like I am more a part of what's going on when I actually understand what's going on. 😁 [Ambassador4Christ|0 likes] [like|reply]