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This was a triumph
by Chris

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Gun range


Only because it's literally the only thing that happened between me writing my entry yesterday and right now, I went to a gun range yesterday evening. Spent about an hour and a half shooting 4 pistols, a rifle, and a shotgun. My original intent was going there, because I was thinking about a home protection pistol and a safe, because I've been getting increasingly paranoid about keeping my child safe (don't ask), but it turned into me and two bros shooting guns.

At first, I was a bit nervous. I've been to a gun range before, and have shot guns before, but something about guns in general really makes me nervous. But the more I did it, the less nervous I got, and the more confident I was in the decision to have one in the house.

Fuck the shotgun, though. That thing hurts. At least whatever you're shooting at has the pleasure of dying from a shotgun. The person shooting it gets a bruised shoulder/armpit bone and a collapsed lung. I think I'll stick with the Glock 17.

Ugh, look at me. I'm over here acting like I'm enthusiastic with the prospect of having a gun. I'm really not. I don't like them, but with the way things are going in society, I'm guessing that it's going to become a necessity in the future.

Maybe I'll save the daily updates for NoJoMo.

previous entry: Getting back into the swing of things

next entry: Haunting of Bly Manor

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I've got a Glock 43 that my dad got me for Christmas two years ago. I don't shoot it often, and it's always locked in my gun safe. I don't really like shooting pistols, I prefer to shoot rifles, especially the ones my dad has. I'm a decent shot while standing, but a MUCH better shot when I'm prone on the ground. Hit the target pretty much every time, dead center. I enjoy that part of shooting.

I'm iffy about guns in general, but I did grow up around them (dad was a cop and a Marine so they were always around, safely), and I know basic skills and gun safety.

When my brother died by suicide, he shot himself with his handgun, and that makes me wary every time I shoot my own handgun. Same with having it in the house; sometimes when my depression gets really bad, I'm worried about having it in the home.

On the upside of that, I know I can call my parents and have them lock my gun in their safe (which I do not have access to) when things are bad, and I know they'll keep an eye on me.

At the very least, I think everyone needs to know basic gun safety, whether they have one or not. You never know when you'll be around one.

Oh, and for the shotgun? Next time you shoot it, grab a little face towel, fold it up, and put it right where the butt of the gun goes. Should help with the awful bruising from the kickback.

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Yah no thanks. I'll pass.

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