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an empty frame.'s Diary
by an empty frame.

previous entry: He loves me!

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Regarding the previous entry...


For the record, Luke said I was gorgeous, not beautiful (re: previous entry). Weird typo thing. I swooooned when he said it so wanted to clarify. Anyway, you can put away your sick bags now because things are back to whatever with us.

We've had a few disagreements today. I was still in state of bliss when I woke up, so was Luke. I stayed in bed but he got up cos he can't really sleep in like I can. So when I woke up second time Luke was in a shit mood, god knows why, he's just so easily pissed off these days and I can't stand being around constant anger. It's like he has male PMS. I was grossly offended when he told me to put some fucking clothes on because I was still in my underwear at 11:30am. Wtf? Since when did he give a shit about crap like that? Of course it's all fine and dandy for me to be ordered to be butt naked for several hours while he has his kink friends over but god forbid I'm in my underwear at noon on a Saturday. Jeez.

To be honest, it made me feel really bad. I just went back to the bedroom, sulked and hated on myself and my body. I know it's his problem, not mine. He was already pissed off when I got up so I did nothing wrong. But it still made me hate myself immensely for a while. then again me taking his irritability so personally and truly internalizing what he said and interpreting it in the worst possible light, that IS my problem. Ugh. I need to stop whining over every little thing... Maybe I have male PMS too lol. Maybe I'm just a whiny bitch.

previous entry: He loves me!

next entry: Hide your happy.

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sounds like you've both been living so long together you've synced up your periods.

stay in your underwear. i'm not getting out of my pj's for no one today.

also i totally have to tell you something next time we're on msn lol.

[& skull.|0 likes] [|reply]

LOL we've synced our periods lol

[an empty frame.|0 likes] [|reply]

it's not you. you need to stop blaming yourself whenever he's in a pissy mood.. just because he blames you for everything doesn't mean it's really your fault.

[theregoesmyheart|0 likes] [|reply]

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