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an empty frame.'s Diary
by an empty frame.

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Pleasure doing business with you


I don’t usually write about my experiences with my clients, but today I’ll make an exception. This man made an impression on me. Commonly, they don’t.

Judging from the location of his house, and the house itself, which was stylishly decorated and included all manner of lavish home luxuries, this man was apparently successful in his life and career, but with me, for the most part he was quiet and understated. He had insisted when making our arrangements that he just wanted to talk to me and watch me masturbate and wash myself in the bath. I agreed to that, as long as the bath was drawn during my presence. I didn’t want the chance of bathing in his cum or whatever, because there are some sick fucks out there and I make every precaution to avoid being in contact with the bodily fluids of such people.

The first thing that struck me as remarkable about him was that was that after being let inside his house and introducing myself, he opened his wallet and took out the money to pay me (always done before any activity, although more often it is set aside for me to just collect without a word, to keep the illusion that what we are doing is not a business transaction), but before handing it over, he looked me up and down carefully and then added another $100. He said it was for being polite and in our email exchanges, well-written and professional. Then he said to make myself at home and to just be myself, and offered me a drink. I thought to myself, “treat others how you would like to be treated,” as being polite has always done well for me, even if it makes me feel old-fashioned sometimes. However, if that was truly the reason for the extra cash, why did he look at me like that? A pervert that appreciates it when his prostitutes mind their Ps and Qs, it would seem.

As we had agreed, I drew my own bath. I was aware that he wasn’t just watching me take a bath, but he was studying me. It fed the show-pony in me and I genuinely enjoyed every second of it. I think I felt a bit playful at first, but he was so quiet and attentive that I soon became more serious. Even though he showed no arousal and did nothing, washing myself in front of him was … so, sooo sexual to me. If it weren’t for the bubbles – which he had insisted on adding to the water because he didn’t want to see my penis‼ – he would have seen I was already getting hard. When I lifted my feet out of the water to wash them, I watched him. It had occurred to me earlier that he might be one of “those” guys, and I was pleased to learn I had been right. When I carefully soaped up my toes, he sighed. I felt like I had won something because he was finally starting to relax. Besides, I have a soft spot for foot fetishists, so I was growing fond of this guy. He was still so quiet, so it didn’t seem right to ask him if he wanted to see more of my feet. I was getting really turned on though and I wanted to wank now, so I leaned back, crossed my feet over the edge of the tub and told him how horny I was as I began to stroke myself. He nodded and smiled, which I took for permission to keep going, so I closed my eyes and got myself off.

After we were finished, I was feeling good enough to go out and buy myself a hot new pair of shoes. I spent almost as much as I had just been paid, but I figured my feet had earned it. Now that I have received an email from my satisfied customer, I think my feet have DEFINITELY earned it, because in it he has asked that although my ad specifies that I do vanilla only, could I be persuaded to let him touch and kiss my feet next time, and that he would pay me MORE than what he paid me today! I replied that yes, I could certainly be persuaded, and that for a certain price he can do more than just touch and kiss them. I wonder what he'll offer??
Now, I could get in trouble if anybody who recognises this man or the man himself ever finds this piece of writing, but right now I’m feeling too exhibitionistic to care. I will probably privatise or friends-only it later.

MONEYMONEYMONEYMONEYMONEY. Seriously, I'm excited because I feel like I've just been "promoted" or climbed the corporate ladder for rent boys. But you have no idea how much time I just spent in the bath AGAIN, scrubbing my feet to death. I'm going to invest in a good pedicure tomorrow as well. My feet have been complimented plenty of times in the past (I guess I just naturally have good looking feet lol), but I think if a man wants to pay a lot of money for them, I need to pay a lot more attention to them.

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hah that was so cool. wow.

[.November.Butterfly.|0 likes] [|reply]

may as well make them look better for him if that's what he likes. he sounds like an interesting bloke.

[& skull.|0 likes] [|reply]

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