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an empty frame.'s Diary
by an empty frame.

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Keep one and let the other one go.


Young and I finally broke up. Yeah, it took him what, two weeks to finally find time in his busy schedule to do it. Only with more prompting from me, though. I told him he'll never find a guy as forgiving as I was, and he continued with more compliments in my direction and basically that he'll never find another guy like me, blah blah blah. I called him a jerk and an ass. He asked if we'd still be friends, I said maybe, but not for a while yet because I'd hate to fall for the perfect sonofabitch again. God, I'm glad it's finally done. I was asking him that entire time to hurry up and dump me. I knew it was coming but I needed to hear it from him. I needed closure. I was still dreaming about him.

But things are good on the Luke front, as noted in the last entry. So, yay for that.

Part of me wants to go straight out and replace him with some other fresh meat but I also know I don't have the capacity to care for two people at once right now. Well, I still care for Young, but I'm trying to get over that. I think if I fuck anyone (outside of work) other than Luke I'll be comparing them to Young. Nobody compares to Young because he is quite literally the best looking person I've ever met, and while he was with me, he sculpted his body into the best I've ever seen, holy shitttttttt folks. Was he hot. No point trying to replace. I just need to fucking forget him. Forget forget forget forget forget forget!!

Luke's been an excellent distraction and hopefully I continue to spend our time apart just thinking about Luke, Luke, Luke, and nobody else. I've also been casually applying for jobs here and there but of course nobody's hiring.

previous entry: Yeah!

next entry: Collecting thoughts before sleep

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it's hard to not dwell on people that affect you like that. i hope you can be distracted

[& skull.|0 likes] [|reply]

Breakups suck. My boyfriend of 6 years left me on Saturday outta fucking nowhere

[- misseriin*|0 likes] [|reply]

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