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an empty frame.'s Diary
by an empty frame.

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I must step back.


Is it unreasonable for me to be slightly pissed off, hurt and extremely worried that I haven't heard from Young in several days, despite repeated attempts of checking in? Unanswered calls, no response to txts or emails... Which isn't actually unusual for him, and I suppose it's unusual for me to be so persistant, but I'm quite worried and have asked him to just let me know he's... like, not dead. I understant and respect that he needs a lot more space than the average free-spirited guy and I'm annoyed at myself for attempting contact twice a day for a few days in a row now. Experience tells me that he won't come to me until I back the fuck off. But I'm worried because I think he might be in a bad head space and I know I can bring him out of it... But only if he's open to it. The harder I try to make contact, the more pressure he'll feel, the more aggrivated, the more he'll shut himself off from me. He has anger issues. People get scared of him when he's like that so when he gets angry he removes himself or else he beats the shit out of someone and can't stop. I'm not scared of him. I know he's not the image that he projects to everyone. I wish he'd stop hiding but I guess he needs to and I have no right to force him out of that if that's the only way he knows of coping. But I hate just always taking a back seat while he sorts his shit. He has no idea how tolerant and understanding and patient I've been with him. I just want a 'yep' in an sms or something just so I know he's there. ...But I know what it's like to be paralysed by fear, so... Gotta back off.

previous entry: Zombie sex

next entry: Boys don't cry

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You're probably a wise friend. One
That knows him best. I hope he surfaces soon and that he is ok. And if not , you can bring him out of bad place.

[meadowland|0 likes] [|reply]

that's really annoying, but understandable. hopefully he talks soon.

[& skull.|0 likes] [|reply]

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