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an empty frame.'s Diary
by an empty frame.

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Doctor crap.


I have a doctor appointment at 9am and in peak hour traffic it's gonna take forever to get there and it's cold and I'd rather be a snuggly bunny in bed I think he's going to order a bunch of blood tests. I love getting blood tests, it feels kinda cool. I wish I could donate blood I'd do it all the time but I'm quite sure you're not supposed to if you've had unprotected anal sex (any Aussies wish to confirm?) Which brings me to another point... ARE WE ALL REGISTERED ORGAN DONORS? Do eeeeet save a life! Be a super heeeeerooooo!

Point is... I'm going to stay home and "accidentally" miss my doc appointment. I've lost some weight and I don't wanna talk about it. Well, I do, actually kind of desperate to talk about it.... But... Not with a doctor. Should I tell Luke I'm kind of relapsing? I don't want to worry him. I think I've got it under control anyway. I don't wanna be as skinny as I was before, I just... like being hungry... It makes me feel grounded and calm. Everything is overwhelming and overstimulating. When I'm hungry it's all I can think about and the rest of my thoughts are quiet and it's a relief. I don't think anyone without ADHD or possibly Bipolar if they've experienced mania could understand.

Totally didn't intend for this entry to go there.

previous entry: Rough

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any kinda of unprotected sex i think means you can't give blood, but i should probably google it.

i wanna be an organ donator, but i gotta wait for my medicare card to show up.

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