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dreamer22's Diary
by dreamer22

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new trouble


im still searching for work and my relationship with my boyfriend chris is a bit rocky but im dealing with it. people at the shelter are still continueing to get on my nerves they are lieing to my boyfriend about me saying im doing stuff that im not like trying to hook up with another guy fuck that my man looks like he should be an underware model and hes sweet too why would i ever wanna give that up i wouldnt people are just jelious cause im finally happy with someone. i had a spinal tap done saturday cause the dr thought i had fluid on my brain well the spinal tap was a waste cause the dr had trouble getting a sample of spinal fluid and so i went through that for nothing and im sore from it but that night i got sick from the whole situation and i threw up my man helped me walk around the shelter he watched over me and cleaned up my puke hes amazing i refuse to let anything come between us and hes all i want i feel like im falling in love with him i told him that and he said he likes that i feel that way but im nervious cause someone here at the shelter claims they saw him rubbing up on some chick and i dont know if its true or not im tempted to ask him. if thats true it would kill me not literally but it would be pretty fucking painfull we shall see what happens i will keep you all posted GOD BLESS......

previous entry: omg what a handfull

next entry: news


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you should ask him.
i mean, at least it would ease your mind if you did.
how long have you been in this shelter, if you don't mind my asking?

[jobiki.] [reply]

at that time I was in the shelter since February 2012 [dreamer22] [reply]

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