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I am a proud American - I apologize for nothing.
by American

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[blog] got tired? #11


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Yes. iWRITE.
So. I'm tired. Life is okay, it could be better. Let me just elaborate some things about me.

I temporarily [help] run my own vacuum store. I am a salesman, of sorts. Not like Kirby guys who go door to door..I have my own shop. People come to me to buy a belt, I find out about their vacuum and see if they're interested in a new one. A new one that I would be more than happy to sell them. This is how I make my living. I said "of sorts" because, honestly, I'm not that good at it. Most of the time, I wish I were doing something else - like joining the 5,000 border patrol agents that are getting hired soon.

I am married and I have a son. I love my son very much. He is #1 in my life. There isn't anything I wouldn't do for him. You name it, I'm there. I go without food on a daily basis just so he can eat because, in this recession, I do not make enough at the store to feed him, me and my wife each 3 times a day (And yes, I do have internet. I do not pay for it.). I don't say this for pity or sympathy. These are the facts, and this is how much I love my son. He is #1 in my life.

I, currently, am at a crossroads with my wife. She is not aware of this, and that is fine. I made a commitment and I plan to stick it out. [I'm just not sure if I want to care about it anymore.] I know marriage is hard work and I feel like I work at it more than she does and I don't think she wants to at all. She has changed drastically in the two years (in July) that we will have been married. But I made a commitment "for better or for worse" and I hold steady on my values and on my word. I tell you this for the sole purpose that any of you who choose to read my stuff will probably hear more than a few rants about her..and without a little bit of background info you might be a little lost. I do love my wife. It's just not the same 'love' it used to be, and I'm dealing with it.

I am a political person and I am a religious person. I do not and will not separate the two. You will not change my mind on the fundamentals of my beliefs. I will debate and talk things over with anybody, and we can choose to agree to disagree. I am a Republican, but more importantly I am a conservative. I believe in traditional values, morals, individual responsiblity, liberty and limited government. I believe in God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost as one divine being. Not three in one, or two in three or any other combination of whatever. There is one God and His name is Jesus. I believe in faith, confession, repentance, baptism and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost with evidence of speaking in tongues. This is who I am. I will politely and openly discuss these issues and all topics therein. But I will not attempt to ask you or to imply that you should accept my truth as your truth even though I believe wholeheartedly that my truth is THE one truth and that your truth is, in fact, not truth at all. This is who I am. I will respect you and treat you with respect, I expect the same.

Now that our brief introduction is over, to tell about my day.

I went to work at 9am, left at 530pm. Uneventful. Came home, played with my son. Got on WoW (World of Warcraft). I started a guild on the Area 52 server called The Masquerade a while back. I played for a couple hours, then I got off and, again, played with my son. I read a book series called The Night World. It's a lot like Twilight [the movie, never read the book] so I pretty much hate it. And now I am here. Pretty uneventful..maybe tomorrow will be more fun-filled. Haha.

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I liked your introduction. I hated the Twilight movie. It SUCKED, but for some reason I watched it, and I watched the second one. Lol. I liked the books, but I read them when they FIRST came out, not when everyone became obsessed with them. Seems like you do love your son That's great.

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