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[proof] Atheism?


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Can you give proof? \\\\

Here is a question that shockofgod (channel here) asks on his radio show for atheists to answer. Apparently, and he has video of a lot of them, but apparently not a single one has been able to give him an answer. Here is the question: what proof or evidence do you have that atheism is accurate and correct?

He called into an atheist radio show (the atheist experience, I believe) and asked them and they told him their answer was: because they are an atheist, so that's how they know it's true - because they said so.

The question arose, I think, because many atheists ask the same of us Christians. Obviously, we cannot give an answer because our faith is based on, well, faith. And acknowledgeably so. There is scientific data (so to speak, not sure what else to call it lol) that is in the bible that scientists didn't figure out until recent years. There are the prophecies that have come to pass (of which I have not looked up, this is one of shockofgod's talking points, but will look up shortly). Getting back to the topic, they ask us that question and say that there needs to be scientific proof and evidence before they will believe in it. So, the question is: can you provide proof and evidence that atheism is accurate and correct (beyond the statement "well, I believe in/agree with/follow it")?

So, let this be a question posed to you, if you are an atheist: What proof or evidence do you have that atheism is accurate and correct?

I ask just to see the answers. I am putting shockofgod's question to the test. I am a Christian and do not expect to sway me, so there is no need to turn this into a debate or argument or back and forth, just state the evidence you've found and show me where I can find it. If you cannot, that is okay, just tell me that you can't provide it.
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previous entry: [blog] Faith? What faith?

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When I was an atheist, I used to think it was a big lie propagated by someone who wanted to control the world, like Santa on a larger scale. It wasn't proof, but it was my reasoning. (Today I'm a Christian, btw.)

[MadeToShineStar|0 likes] [|reply]

I am an athiest. No, I can NOT prove to you there is no God. As you can not prove to me there is one. I just had a very entertaining conversation with some random person on Facebook a few nights ago. He was VERY religious, and for as young as he was (around 19) he was very knowledgable! We went back and forth most of the evening disputing and questioning verses and books, new testament vs old, In the end it wasn't a matter of either of us trying to sway the other, just getting a better under standing and maybe a different out look. I'm still an Athiest. He's still a Christian. But I think we both learned a few things. I realize I have prob done what you didn't want to do, but I just thought it interesting to see this post after that conversation the other night.

[LittleMighty|0 likes] [|reply]

that's a good point, and the reason I don't call myself an atheist. It is a rather bold statement to say that god (or some other higher being) absolutely can't exist, and it merits the asking for proof. I don't think you can prove god doesn't exist any more than you can prove he does.

I myself doubt the existence of any higher being, but I certainly can't prove it.

[xanderthebuttmonkey|0 likes] [|reply]

There's no answer to that question, because a belief can not be correct or incorrect. Gnosticism or Agnosticism can be correct or incorrect.

Belief refers to Theism or Atheism. Knowledge refers to Gnosticism or Agnosticism. I refer to myself as an Agnostic Atheist. I lack a belief in a deity, though I have no knowledge of a deity's existence.

[Anonymous SourceStar|0 likes] [|reply]

Atheism uses the scientific method to prove or disprove theories. A scientific hypothesis which can be proven, repeated, and held up to the scrutiny of peer review is about as true as you can get.

Therefore your worldview as an atheist is something is true if it can be proven. Can we prove there is no God? No, but we cannot prove there is one either. Therefore until a scientific test can be devised to prove the existence of God and this test can be repeated then the existence of God is untrue. You can replace God with Magical leprechauns, unicorns, or aliens in the statement above and achieve the same result, and an idea of the core atheist belief system. That is my interpretation of the burden of proof in this situation anyway.

[powerofwhy|0 likes] [|reply]

The error in this line of thinking is in that the atheist carries the burden of proof. In fact, it is the believer who is asserting that something exists, so he carries the burden of proof. It would be just as pointless to ask you to "prove to me why you don't believe that the tree out front conjures images of ghosts having a tea party in my dreams.". You never said it DID.

[BeautifulBrownEyesStar|0 likes] [|reply]

previous entry: [blog] Faith? What faith?

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