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I am a proud American - I apologize for nothing.
by American

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[blog] It feels impossible for me to let this go


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Feel Like An Animal \\\

The day is almost done, and I haven't sold a single vacuum. That sucks.

Not much goin' on. It's pretty hot here. Atleast it feels that way! I hate being bored!

Got church tonight - hope it's good. Wednesdays are usually boring, imho. But I go on principle. My wife likes to go on Wed. I don't know why. lol.

how does everyne like my new layout? I like it. MAN! It's too hot to stay in this office. brb.

Ok, back. turned A/C up. I sold a vacuum yesterday, but no such luck yet today. Grr.

I found this app on my BB called Visible Vote. It lets you do a vote on certain bills and answer certain polls, etc. It's pretty neat. It even lets you read the bills!

I started a blogspot blog: Get Seeing. It's about the End Times and things I find that support Biblical prophecy. I know there are a ton of them out there, but hey - I better get on one myself before Obama uses the kill switch on the internet!

I also have a movie review diary (Movies, UNL.). Go check it out!

Life is good. You?

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previous entry: [blog] Coming Home #15

next entry: [song] What Happened To Our Home?

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