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moving on.


I'm so nervous that this is potentially my last night in my parents house. Sleeping in this bed.

It's the silly things I'm nervous about. Never having my own bed again. Always sleeping next to him. Which... is a nice thing, in most ways, but I'm such a light sleeper it makes me anxious, too. I guess we have quite different work schedules, and I mostly get to sleep later than him so will always have a couple of hours to myself at least? I'm sure I'll just get used to it. It'll become weird to be without him there.

I hope it doesn't snow anymore before we're moved. I hate driving in the snow.

My room is a proper mess, boxes and piles of clothes. I'm just abandoning half a room of stuff I don't want. My mother can deal with it! Haha.

I'm going to miss being with my parents. Most people long for this day, but I've always been really happy with my parents. My dad makes me a cup of tea when i finish work. The other day, he got up early on his day off to run out and de-ice my car because he was worried I would be stuck - and moved into onto the main street for me - and told me to call when I arrived. They give me freedom and independence, but are always lurking in the background ready to catch me if i trip up.

Oh, calm down. I'm moving a 15 minute drive away.

But I will miss this.

I'm excited for my new life, but sad for the one I'm leaving behind.

previous entry: drunk.

next entry: one of the girls.

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I think what your feeling is completely normal. Just think of this as a new chapter!


[foreverglowStar|0 likes] [|reply]


[Bic please!|0 likes] [|reply]

I totally understand this. I felt the same way when i moved out as well. as a parent, let me say that its is hard for us too , to see ourlittle chickies leave the nest, and your old rooms leave a hauniting lonliness in our hearts. we miss the routine of you coiing home, making tea, and knowing you are safe. we worry when you are away and its hard for us to disconnect.we feel like a part of us has abandoned and moved on , and there is a bit of sadness connected to it.

[empire state|0 likes] [|reply]

it'll be fun. As long as you are that close, you can always stop by when you miss them. What size bed will it be? because if its a king you probably won't even know he is there.. unless you all snuggle all the time LOL

our kids sleep between us, so I am always hanging off the but you will certainly get used to it.

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