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by ♥ Aime

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Peppermint Mocha


So. I got a new job. Working as a PSS, doing private home care with a dementia patient. I still have plans to get my CNA, but I haven't managed to save the money yet, something always comes up, like wood for the winter, taxes, new washer and dryer, ugh. Life. I plan to do it this winter, and then I want to see about going to school for my LVN. I love working with this patient, but it is so sad...he is only 10 years older than me, and he has lost most of his memories. I just want to cry for him and his wife. 

My neighbor's mother, the one that I mentioned in my last entry was on hospice, has gotten worse. When I was over visiting yesterday, she fell and we had a bitch of a time getting her back up. She's so tiny and bony that I was afraid I was going to break her. This makes me want to cry too. I'm still available to help them anytime that they need me. 

My father-in-law is getting worse too. He is very paranoid and is having hallucinations - auditory and visual - I have a feeling that soon he is going to need 24/7 care youngest, who lives with him, told me last night that he put meatballs in his cucumber salad. Yuck????! 

So, today I have off, and I am spending the time cleaning my house. Laundry and dishes. Floors. I've really let it go since I've been working. I intensely dislike housework, but, it's got to be done. Ugh.


previous entry: Timmy Ho-ho's

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