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"Love is like war: Easy to begin bu's Diary
by "Love is like war: Easy to begin bu

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Formulate a crazy sexy experience


Some time ago I finally made up my mind to order a sex toy from acmejoy, thank acmejoy for the discount.

The package arrived today. My love and I went through a night of sex. I was a little tired because it was very late. He was very tired at the beginning. He had to work at 7 o'clock this morning, but he did not complain, so I am not satisfied with it.

I have to work tonight, and I have to work tomorrow night. I don't like working for 7 days in a row. When I reviewed how I worked through school, it was actually a few weeks of work between unpaid clinical work and my part-time job above the minimum wage. There was no rest time, almost no money... How did I do it? Even do this? ! I think it shows that I have done what needs to be done to make myself understand what I want/need.

Still, this is crazy.

next entry: Summer Interns

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