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E. Quill's Diary
by E. Quill

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Words flow away forever just out of reach


I wrote a beautiful entry yesterday. As you do and then forgot to hit enter. Oh well.

Yesterday I got up early to make E's breakfast. Dish up yogurt, pop some mini muffins on his plate and dice up 7 grapes for 10 minutes. He was so sweet and sleeping  I let him sleep in another 30 minutes. I am not a morning person. I probably never will be. Do you think it is something that can be learned? 

Yesterday he ended up with a mystery fever. I assume these must be from teething?  It is such an odd thing to cause a fever in my mind. He is a little warm today but seems fine. 

I wrote about starting my period yesterday. I have only had 6 periods in the last 16 months since the boy was born. Or I guess 5. I thought this was 6 but it was just a small bit and I keep waiting for it to truely start but this will be 3 days with just the hint of a cycle? I'm confused by it. I have always had erratic periods but they have been heavy. I am such a pile of broken parts.

I'm watching the Dark Crystal again. Again. I have a bit of hero worship for Jim Henson. Anything fantasy cuts right to my heart. I have been waiting for the door to Narnia to open my whole life.  What an artistic feat. Show me again. 

We recently got our floor length mirror our of storage and it's E's favorite toy now. He has been dancing in front of it and watching himself all morning.

I am so annoyed I lost yesterdays entry. Oh well. Keep moving forward. 

previous entry: My eyes have scars.

next entry: I only leave footprints in time.

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Glad E's fever came and went, that's the worst when they linger and just make everyone feel miserable.
I'll never ever be a morning person but after 6 years of getting up at dawn even when I'm at from my kids now I can't sleep past 8.
How was E's first overnight with your mom? How was your babysitting for C? That's very kind of you to step and help her. I'm annoyed by the choice of name but since it's really none of my business I'll just say i'm glad she had a healthy pregnancy and delivery. [kansas.campfire] [reply]