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E. Quill's Diary
by E. Quill

previous entry: "She has NEVER put him first. " "You haven't always been there his whole life so you don't know."

vague emergency


My husband got a text at his job

grandma-"Call me as soon as you can."

j-"What is it? Are you ok?"

Grandma-"Its not me."

So he steps away from his job to call his grandmother thinking his papa was in the hospital or something.

His moms dog died. He said his grandmother was sobbing so hard she was practically hyperventilating. She said her brother refused to text her condolances and J needed to do it and screamed "TEXT HER SO SHE KNOWS SOMEONE GIVES A SHIT."

It is sad her dog died for sure. It is sad when anyones dog died. No one was wishing her dog dead. That dog was old and brittle when I met it 6 years ago. My own dog is 13 and we are still not over our last dog dying. She is mentioned weekly if not daily and it was 3 years ago this week. I get it. I am not trying to minimize the pain of the death of her dog. But it doesn't change anything as far as her relationship with her son.

She then said that "That dog was the only one there for her when her dad left her all alone in that house."

Ok lets go over this.  Her dad left her there about 4 years ago. We were planning our wedding and she was having us over and when wed ask her about wedding planning shed space out over my shoulder and then little girl drunken babble something about her dad. She was in her 40s. This wasn't a neglected 4 year old left alone with a puppy while her shitty dad went to the bar til 4 am to where he is the scum of the earth for abandoning her and we should all call cps. He was a dude in his late 60s early 70s who got a girlfriend and left his 40+ daughter his 3 bedroom house to do with as she pleased. 

She also said that it was going to make his mom have a nervous breakdown and he needed to message her. and it feels so much like when she tried to imply at the baby shower that if J didn't talk to her she was going to hurt herself and it would be *someones* fault. Like quit putting her behavior on other people. If she cannot handle her grief it isn't her brother and sons burden to carry. You don't get comfort from people you  mistreated for years til they dipped out and decided to no longer have a relationship with you. Thats what that means. Her emotional burden will have to be shared with friends because family wised up years ago.  People don't call up their not friends to give condolences. Quit addressing symtoms and worry about the disease.

He said he just "uh huh" "k" and such to get out of the conversation. He said he had been havign a great work day before that.  Then that night she text him "id you text her? Just asking."

She also said that if any of her children, including J were hurting like this she would react this way. Funny I don't remember this lying liar calling people sobbing uncontrollably to the point of gasping hyperventilating breaths when Dharma died. Then she said that if it was "The angel" that we would feel the same. I hate that. Quit telling me if I loved my kid I would do the same asshole things you do.  If my kid lost a dog in their 40s I would be sad for them but I don't think I would mourn a dog outside of my household the same way I would a pet that lived with me. Or that I would call up family members sobbing uncontrollably. 

I sure as fuck wouldn't text them vague messages at work "Its not MEEEEE something happened to."  Fuck you you manipulative fuck. She heard this news and her first reaction was to use it to manipulate her son and grandson to interact with her evil fuck daughter.  and given that she had already talked to Kenny that means she what, had been uncontrollably sobbing already? Had to work her way back up to it for the call with J? 

The whole thing was a ridiculous shit show.

previous entry: "She has NEVER put him first. " "You haven't always been there his whole life so you don't know."


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