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E. Quill's Diary
by E. Quill [online now]

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This ones for believing if only for its sake


It was our anniversery the other day. We had an arts and crafts day. Painting and drawing and cutting and sewing and eh no gluing but we will get there. It was nice. We still had to work around E. Then we played video games with our friends. No going out this year but we dipped into a lot of things and started a lot of projects.

My days all feel the same. I get up at 7 and make breakfast for the boy and we listen to an audio book. Every month we get 1 that we pay for and then whatever is free and I try so hard to snag up the kid ones but most suck for the very small. I try to find ones that bring in songs. Then abc songs and math stuff and dancing til lunch time.  Then coloring and a for fun movie after lunch before nap. Then I run as fast as I can to squeeze in as many arts and crafts as I can til ge gets up Then daddy hang out time til dinner. More play after dinner til bedtime. Then either online time with our friends or I dash to try to play with my crafts before I am to tired to go on. 

I have been working on Christmas ornaments and trying to learn how to sculpt tiny things. I made a little christmas tree pendant. My whole goal is just to make them itty bitty.  I have been painting on my maps of pretend places. They added more things so I have to reblock everything. I also lost my photobucket so bye to all the math I previously did and held there in picture form. I am bummed to have lost my progress but that is what happened when you take a 2 year break to turn a baby into a toddler. Oh well. I just sketched out a 24 by 30 canvas for it.  It was challenging and I have to go back and refine but I really just like that my hands are moving. I don't care if it's bad. I just need to be making something and get from point a to point b with it. Not have an idea that lays unfinished on a shelf taking up my headspace. So everyday I do a little bit more. In 15 minute dashes.

There is just so much in the world that is so far beyond my control. My stress is out of control. J told me to turn inward. So everytime I feel stressed I clean the house. My world has never been shinier. Or I go and make up something to play with my son.  My silly little crafts are moving along and it is almost time to sing the ABC song 100 times. 

previous entry: I'm so tired.

next entry: Appearances deceive you. Don't chase those holograms.


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