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E. Quill's Diary
by E. Quill

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There was nuts, and cloves and berries And a crust that was nailed on with glue


My husband surprised me one day by covering the living room in Christmas lights. He said he wanted to get a jump start on decorating and he knows he isn't always in the spirit and wanted to change that. Christmas decorations are my favorite part of Christmas. We have one tree standing so far and the second he said he needs to open in the yard for spider safety. No ornaments just the tree up and lots of lights a few garlands. we got a light up penquin about a foot or so tall to put in the front window. Then we heard a bunch of banging. After we went to bed E fell in love with him and needed to go get him. 

A's hair is way to long and we need to cut it. It's curly and we adore it and didn't expect it because we all have straight hair. It looks like maybe if we cut it off it'll just be a bit wavy so we have let it go on for far to long.

I just set up the bathroom with a christmas curtain, a christmas bath and body works plug and and soap and some cute Christmas towels. My set is like abstract trees with cardinals this year. My old set had reindeer and I loved it but it was lost in the move so its taken me a few years to find one I really love again(For Christmas anyway) I do the bathroom over all the time though because you can totally redecorate a bathroom for like 50 bucks so we have an Autumn set I love (that got the early boot this year) and a few other sets that I just change between all the time. I have a pretty sunrise set for January. I am trying to find a romantic one for February that isn't to, hearts and flowers but still lovey and sweet because my birthday is in February. I kind of want to do a castle set in April with fantasy stuff for E's birthday.  We have a llamma set and a blue set that I might replace. I have.. a lot of them. My collection of shower curtains is always out of hand. I started it as one set for every 3 months...but its going into the every month a new shower curtain range. I admit it. I hoard shower curtains. 

I also got pinecone hooks this year. 

Other than that we are not doing so hot. It hurts my heart that we are just not getting along as well as I would like. We aren't arguing but we aren't connecting. I feel lonely. I don't know where we go from here. I hope we find each other again. We've always connected so effortlessly so its so crushing when we aren't. I don't know. It really just sucks and I don't know what happens next. It can't continue to be blank nothing forever though.

I miss our wow friends. But its over and its gone. And has been for like a year and a half. 

But I do love Christmas and I'm just going to try to enjoy it. He put up the lights. Hes trying. I'll try too. 

previous entry: Sound of the Background

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