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E. Quill's Diary
by E. Quill

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Bouncy, Trouncy, Founcy, Pouncy


Fred and his girlfriend came by a few times. They stayed til after midnight both times and it was hard on the baby because we  had to take his cord from the tv to be able to set something up for Fred so I couldn't distract him with Emperors new groove. They were also drinking, because I don't know how to tell adults I don't care for booze in my home.  Not drinking to get drunk. Like a bottle of wine was opened. No one was out of control or even what I would call tipsy. I just am not comfortable with alcohol in general. Any of it seems to much.I do smoke pot though. So its all just different strokes I suppose.

Fred is already aprehensive about C coming back and trying to take over his life. He says he is ready to solidly shut her down. I am less sure.

Freds dad is living with him and driving him nuts so he brings his girlfriend up here for some space. He fixed some things at the house which was nice. Our hot water just went out and I was trying to get the house spotless before I called for repairs and he figured out the fuse fliped or something. Saved me a cold shower.  I was greatful. I just don't know how to navigate adult relationships and toddler bedtimes yet. I've pretty much been left alone since E was born. 

Oh at the end, they asked us to store their computers and monitors. I am trying so hard to get rid of clutter and people keep wanting me to store things in my very small home.


J's grandmother is still trying to give us stuff but is re negotiatng the unasked for items she insisted we needed. She send a picture of a tigger toy. "This is worth 1500 in the box" it was in the box. And tried to push it on us. Honestly if she sent that WE would just sell it, though if she had sent it without telling us I would have just..opened it and handed it to the boy. She said if we promised to keep it forever like an heirloom she would send it. We said no, she should sell it and get that money for it. It was silly to give a 1 year old  an expensive stuffed animal when she could just pocket the money. He would be just as happy with any other toy. I don't understand the game. When J finally says hell take some of her stuff she suddenly finds reasons why ahhh maybe she needs to hold onto it. It's cool if you want to keep it, but its weird to offer it, finally get that yes you've been hounding for  It's like she just wants us to want it, not actually have it. If we don't want it she will sneak it here and just unload it in our living room.

Also ...I do not really care for Winnie the pooh or his band of dirty stuffed toys. I still watch some of it because I am a Disney fanatic and I think maybe my mind will change but it never does. The really old ones? I watch them and I just cannot get over all the addict behaviors Pooh does, dare I say, adorably? That dude would cut a bitch for a smackeral  Christopher Robin is the only one in the whole mess with any dignity. He is my favorite Pooh character. If you have the Christopher Robin doll please send that. The real Christopher Robin, A.A. Milne's son hated the Pooh books. His qoute sticks with me. He said his father "had got where he was by climbing on my infant shoulders, that he had filched from me my good name and had left me with nothing but the empty fame of being his son."  I think of this when I see people who go super crazily overboard with their social media posts on their children. Like the ones with youtube channels dedicated to peeping in on their family with thousands of followers they don't know at all, or people who put pictures of their kids in various stages of undress. I went on a tangent here. 

I feel like she wanted us to ask for the doll anyway. Fuck the 1500 dollars for your bank account grandma we'll hoard it til the end of time and pass this tigger in a santa hat down for generations and your descendants will sing your praises for your wise  ancient Target purchase..and decorate our home in your christmas style of cartoons for the rest of our lives. By the tigger we solemnly swear.  I'm glad she found out the value before she sent it because  I probably would have kept it a year or two with the Christmas only toddler toys I bought and then gotten rid of it when E aged out of tigger. 


E would absolutely not let me stop playing with him to write. And now I found out Fred is coming over again. I do enjoy seeing him  its just hard to keep on track. I still haven't fully cleaned up from when they were here last and I have to get E and I bathed and we only have a shower so its me and my son hanging out on the floor of the shower playing with the  shower head instead of splashy bath time here. Sometimes I put the baby tub in the bottom and let him go a little crazy though. I just still have a lot of chores to do with a toddler who has decided today he can't leave my side, even though yesterday he wanted to just play solo. 

I'll never finish the grocery list. I wanted to write more but knowing we are going to have visitors again I know I have to end it here. 

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I hate Winnie The Pooh too. Guy’s an idiot! Xxx [LittleUn] [reply]