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This is My Journey To Find Happiness
by ♥Amanda

previous entry: 00022. End The Misery

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00023. Bye Bye Jaiden



So Jaiden is gone until Monday or so!!! How freakin awesome is that!!!!
His old babysitter/family friend took him!
I soooo needed the break!

So Clearly I am doing better!!!
I hold a lot of my feelings in and let them build up and the I lash out!!
Like that morning i through some plates at the wall and cried and flipped!
I really shouldn't let stuff bottle up
But its force of habit from when I was growing up

So not much to update on really.
Still waiting for my food stamps
My old job shoprite seems to have a problem sending mt termination letter.
Like really??? I haven't worked there since April, Whats the big deal?
I put in more applications, Called a few places! Applied for some babysitting jobs on craigslist and posted an ad about babysitting!

I am watching my nephew now, he got here around 12 today, and is leaving tomorrow night well tech tonight, lol

Kurt wasn't happy about that as he wanted to spend some time together since he was off. He's normally off Sunday, But had last Thursday off to celebrate Christmas with his son. He had to work Christmas morning =/

So I told him I needed the money for the bills. & jokingly I said unless you wanna pay my bills, I wont babysit!!! he said Hmmmm Maybe
Didn't say anything about Joking or nothing! lol

HAHA he can afford it! lol Hell he rented the spare room in my old apartment plus had his own rent and car payments and shyt!! & he dressed in all name brand shyt to so haha he can afford it!!! LOL im JK I could never do that!! He's to sweet of a guy!

He's the guy if the seeing eachother don't work out I still wanna be friends. I couldn't imagine my life without him!

Now if I listened to him when he said he had a bad feeling about Greg. I probably wouldn't be in this spot now!! Greg, Is jaidens father!! There is a pic below so u can all compare.

Although... Greg was a great mistake!!! hehehehe

Hope everyone is having a safe & happy new year!!!!

pics below so u can compare!!!


previous entry: 00022. End The Misery

next entry: 00024. GOD IS AWESOME!!!!

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