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This is My Journey To Find Happiness
by ♥Amanda

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00012. I Hate Holidays!!




So let me tell you a secret....

but seriously I do.
I like holidays when it's me, jaiden, nick [my brother], my mom and step dad.
When Char, Larry and little Larry are there... =/ BLAH I hate it!!
When i got to my moms for thanksgiving they were getting ready to leave cuz my brother had work. & what pissed me off he hasnt been to a holiday the last 2 years so like why the fuck are you here now!!!

OH, and he told my mom he wanted to have christmas at their house Yeah no... Im not going!!! 1st. they are dirty!! dirty ass people, & if u kno me from my old diary... you kno what im talking about!! lol. Then they have this dog.. your in their house for 10 seconds and you are covered head to toe in dog hair, its gross!!!
Like my brother gets married now he wants to be this family man! lol no thank you.. & i kno its sad it really is, but no one can stand my nephew. we love him to death but he is the most selfish, ignorant, whinny, little fuckin brat you will ever meet. my brother & his girl have been told multiple times he needs speech therapy and they have yet to take him.

I had a fight with my mom the day before thanksgiving, i told her we werent coming and we werent coming for christmas and to return jaidens gifts!! I was PISSED. She got mad at me cuz my verizon got shut off... like okay soo what... im connected to a neighbors internet and u can e-mail me or text to my IM. I can still call 911 if need be. Like dont get mad at me. I only can pay with what i have...

Speaking of bills on saturday I paid some...
Verizon [Internet/Phone] - $100.00
Peco [Electricity] - $45.00
Pwd [Water] - $105.00
Pgw [Gas] - $2.00 {That was the bill i got, seriously $2 due 12/16}
Britt [Sitter] - $60.00

So im catching up, just taking time!!

Im also looking for a new job!! My job has no hours again this week, which is such BS
and I was right, people were not breaking the door down for coats!! however these idiots thought this was the only time we would have 30% little did the kno we had 30% off 2 days ago... lol dumb asses!!!!

& last...

Kurt... Some of you might remember Kurt. He is a good friend of mine, And when I lived on tyson [my old apt] he was my room mate.. kinda.. he paid half the rent but was never there.. lol
anyways... were seeing each other!! I have always had feelings for him, & hes soo cute, like when i would date guys hes grill me for all the info he could get cuz he wanted to protect me!! Nothing is official tho [only cuz i have a tendency to be a bitch =/ lol] but yeah, i love it!!!
So ill be sure to update you on that... i kno i have a pic of him somewhere, so once i find it ill show u!! =D

oh 1 more thing...

i am designing again here is my new page!!!


previous entry: 00011. Conference Call + Pics

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