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I cheated, this is my punishment.
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31 Aug 2009, 19:59
The Ryan
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A wife took revenge on her husband after she discovered he was having an affair by making him stand in public with a sign saying "I cheated. This is my punishment."

William Taylor stood shamed faced on a busy road with the large home made sign draped round his neck saying: "I cheated.This is my punishment."

Taylor said his wife had come up with the humiliating punishment after she found out he had cheated on her.

Taylor, of Centreville, Virginia, said his wife had wanted him to stand with the sign for a week.

But after a couple of hours he received a call to say his punishment was over.

He told a local TV station in Virginia that he thought his wife was joking when she suggested the idea.

"I thought she was kidding, but she was serious," he said. "I figured I got to do what I got to do to makes things right. So here I am."

Dozens of drivers honked their car horns as they saw Taylor standing forlornly on the busy intersection during the morning rush hour.

He began his punishment at 9am and two hours later received a call telling him he could return home.

- Did you guys see that this week!? hahahaha!
Do you think it's an appropriate punishment for cheating?

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31 Aug 2009, 20:14
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Hahahaha! Yes! I saw it the day it was posted on MSN and I showed my best friend and we honestly laughed for a good five minutes.
I think it's a beautiful punishment, to be honest. I commend his wife. If this is all she needs to move on, then good for her.
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31 Aug 2009, 20:21
The Ryan
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Haha! Gosh I'd hate for my husband to be doing that, yo! Like, if someone cheated on me I would NOT want anyone to know, let alone EVERYONE in my town! How embarrassing!
And least of all would I want people to think I'd accepted it and taken them back!

I do think the look on his face is priceless though. All sad and repentent. While he's obviously still thinking about his floozy!! ;D
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31 Aug 2009, 20:22
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What a friggin' dork.
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31 Aug 2009, 23:00
Acid Fairy
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Oh I should have made my cheating ex do that! Haha.
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1 Sep 2009, 19:48
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He cheated on you? Why? I wouldn't! :)
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1 Sep 2009, 20:42
Acid Fairy
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Haha because he's a knob!
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1 Sep 2009, 21:39
Mami 2 ♥ 1
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YES I SAW IT ON YAHOO!!!! I kinda feel bad for him;however, i have been cheated on and that is super embarassing as well. I feel the punishment is sufficient and he might think twice before doing it again and i also believe it proves how much love he has for his spouse to go through something like that.
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2 Sep 2009, 16:45
Meghans Follie
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A story about a cheating husband who admitted his infidelity on a sign he wore near a busy Virginia intersection was a hoax, according to a local radio station.

Washington D.C.'s Hot 99.5 "Kane in the Morning" show revealed that it was behind the stunt involving William Taylor, who stood in front of Tyson's Corner Mall in northern Virginia with a sign that read "I cheated. This is my punishment," MyFOXDC reported.

The morning radio show said it staged the story as an experiment to see how much press it would receive in light of other major news happening at the same time. Last week's media coverage was dominated by the death of Sen. Ted Kennedy.

Taylor, who stood outside the shopping center during the morning commute last Wednesday, originally told MyFOXDC that he and his wife had agreed to the deal.

"I thought she was kidding, but she was serious," he said. "I figured I got to do what I got to do to makes things right. So here I am."

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2 Sep 2009, 20:06
Emily the Strange
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It's funny, but completely ineffective. I mean, cheating hurts on an emotional level. Just because you embarrassed the cow out of someone doesn't mean your own hurt goes away.
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31 Aug 2009, 20:21
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Oh man, I freaking love it! Good on 'er. Good on him, too. Proves he really wants to make things right. Not many men would agree to do that. Many would probably just leave. Many that I know, anyway.
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31 Aug 2009, 20:26
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That is what he deserved. Serves him right to go cheating on his wife. Keyword: Married!
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31 Aug 2009, 23:18
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I hope she dumped him afterwards though!
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1 Sep 2009, 00:14
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1 Sep 2009, 00:23
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Guess next time he'll have to be more careful.
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1 Sep 2009, 02:30
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He totally should have had to be naked too! Being cheated on is HUMILIATING, and he deserves to be humiliated. I hope she didnt take him back after she made him do it. Serves him right.
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1 Sep 2009, 19:50
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Him being naked would just punish everyone who saw him. That can't be right. Punishing the innocent, I mean. :lol:
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1 Sep 2009, 22:21
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Hahah, yes, naked! Even more beautiful of a punishmnet!
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1 Sep 2009, 06:18
& skull.
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well, if she loves him and wants to be with him, but doesn't want him to get away with it, then i feel that's a pretty appropriate punishment. good on them.
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1 Sep 2009, 16:03
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Hahahha. Well he better be lucky that is all he gets. I think it is a great punishment. :P
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1 Sep 2009, 21:19
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you know she took him back after that.
nice punishment. i still would have him make up for it til i was happy again haha
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