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Best camera?
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6 Dec 2011, 20:09
♥ jes
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I'm looking into getting a new camera...

Thing is, I want a really, really nice camera because I'm going to start taking pictures for demolition derbies and high school wrestling and I love taking pictures of family events. (Mostly action shots, obv.)

I'm looking into a Canon Rebel. If I'm going to spend the money, I may as well get an amazing camera.

Any suggestions?
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6 Dec 2011, 20:54
Miss Ice Fingers
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What is your price range?
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6 Dec 2011, 21:46
♥ jes
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A thousand. I know I'll have to pay for a good camera, just worried about the quality when its mostly action shots.
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7 Dec 2011, 00:47
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I'd see what feels right to you, but you're likely looking at a Nikon D90, or a Canon t2i/t3i. Check out reviews online, and head to a physical store to see what feels right in your hand.
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7 Dec 2011, 22:21
lithium layouts.
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Here (Australia), we have available the Canon EOS 500D (T2i equivalent) with 18-55mm and 55-250mm for like $1,200. I'm not sure if you guys have the same deal, but if you do, I would go for it. =D The 55-250 lens will give you lots of range, so you can shoot from afar (e.g. at a sporting event) and still get right up close with good detail.
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6 Dec 2011, 22:43
Madeline Rain
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I have the Nikon D7000 and it's amazing. I'm the least talented person when it comes to taking pictures and they all come out looking like a professional took them.
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6 Dec 2011, 23:02
Miss Ice Fingers
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I have the D7000 as well and is awesome but more than $1000. I upgraded from the D90 which I would absolutely recommend. I loved it and you can pick them up for around what you are looking at. Before you make a decision, you should go and have a play with both the Nikon and Canon cameras to see what feels right.
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7 Dec 2011, 23:04
being human.
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i recently bought a canon rebel t2i 18 mp :] it's amazing. the pictures are great!
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13 Dec 2011, 13:49
Simply Mom
Post Count: 85
When i was looking at mine i had played with all the ones that had what i wanted and ended up with the Nikon D3000 (which they no longer carry in many stores) I got the camera 2 lens carrying case 2 filter lens and 2 4g memory cards all under 800.
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