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This Is Me, Nothing More, Nothing Else.
by BeautifullyMessy

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So I have a question I need answered. Well don't NEED but I want to feel like I'm not being an ass.

My boyfriend and I have a 7 month old. For Christmas every gift his mother gave me was basically for the baby. Target gift card ect. Well she gave me a 50 dollar Amazon gift card. My boyfriend then opens his envelope from her. Two Amazon gift cards and at least two hundred dollars in cash. She did the same type of thing last year. She have him 500 dollars cash and said hope this helps. I took it personally like she thought I wasn't helping with the bills. Come to think of it I'm not sure gave me anything last year...

Well anyways here's my point. My parents have always given my boyfriend gifts equal to mine. And when they ask what she gave me I didnt lie.

It's really just pissing me off and rude. 

Do I sound like a brat? Or would you be upset too? 

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Dude. My parents spend just as much on my fiancé as they do on me. Same with my brother and his fiancée. They did the same with my late brother and his girlfriend. Once you're in a serious relationship, they treat your partner like a family member. Hell, my family got Kyle a present for our first Christmas dating (which was 3 months of dating, by the way).
This year, they got him snowshoes (not cheap), photography gloves (also super not cheap), and a bunch of other things. They spared no expense.
His parents? Got him a 51 piece tool set. Got me a small tin with crock pot recipes (a $12 purchase).
His mom and step-dad took 3 years to even think about getting me a present, and then they forget about my birthday, too. My parents also go all out for Kyle's birthday in February.
I've stopped feeling upset about it. It's not about getting stuff, it's about treating your kid's partner like family, and it's obviously not happening with your boyfriend's family.
All that to say: I get it. I do. And it's crappy. [Oprah Noodlemantra] [reply]

Like seriously WTF!!
My mom is pissed and said oh I'm gonna say something and I said for what?
It'll fall on deaf ears. I told my boyfriend last year I took it personally.
I'm waiting for the right time to say it again.
Like seriously he's 33 years old and I swear she would wipe
His ass if she could.
I'm just baffled by it. I'd love to say something to her.
[BeautifullyMessy] [reply]

My parents always buy for my girlfriend.... But they never spend a tenth on her what they do on me. I’d be freaked out if they did.... She’s not their daughter or responsibility in anyway! Dani’s mum is similar... She’ll usually give me vouchers... And give 5 times as many to Dani. Which feels normal to me? x [The RyanStar] [reply]