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"Love is like war: Easy to begin bu's Diary
by "Love is like war: Easy to begin bu

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Summer Interns


That Saturday Paul arrived at Darina’s apartment in the Inwood section of Manhattan. First, they met at a Chinese restaurant to pick up the food.

After they ate in the dining room, they sat on the sofa in the living room. Darina was the one to initiate some romantic action. She cuddled up next to him and they started a make-out session. Paul was not that surprised about it; he expected it in fact because she had invited him to be alone with her. He restrained himself somewhat in that he did not attempt to touch her on intimate parts of her body.

He did fantasize about what kind of panties she was wearing under her skirt. Maybe she's not wearing them at all. He decided, based on what he knew about Darina, that she wouldn’t do that.

After a few minutes, she said, “I’ve got something to show you. It’s right here.” She reached into a drawer of a side table and took out her pink vibrator.

&ldquoo you know what this is?”

“I’m not really sure.”

Paul was pretty sure he did know, but he decided to be cautious and not insult her in the unlikely case he was wrong.

She giggled, “Silly, it’s a vibrator. You know what those are, right?”

“Of course.” He had never seen one except those that were sometimes displayed in store windows. Those didn’t look anything like this one.

She leaned into him and said softly, “I’m going to show you how it works, right here, with myself as the subject.” He was so amazed and delighted that be couldn't think of an answer. She continued, “After I get myself off with this, I’ll do something to get you off too.”

“Really? Like what?”

“It will be a surprise. You’ll find out.”

Darina went through her usual vibrator routine as he watched. First, she lifted her skirt and took off her panties. As she spread herself, Paul realized that he had never seen a woman's genitals except in magazines. He remembered masturbating frequently while looking at the usual Playboy and Penthouse magazines. He was impressed by her thick brown bush. Yet he stayed in place and made no attempt to touch her down there.

Darina said, “There is a sort of, ah, set of procedures I usually follow that I know will work.” She lifted her blouse and undid her bra. “I often play with my nipples because that feels good too.” Out of caution she rarely did that at the office. Then she remembered Paul playing with Judy's exposed breasts in the supply room.

Paul of course already had a big erection from looking at her body. She said, “Heres how it's done.” She rubbed the vibrator along the outside of her vulva. Then, she used the two prongs as needed, the big one for her vagina and the smaller on her clitoris.

Unlike the office restroom, she made no attempt to lower her voice. She moaned and grunted with pleasure as much as she wanted. This thing is great; I’m going to climax in less than ten minutes. When her orgasm arrived, she didn't say anything particularly original; she merely chanted, “Oh my God, oh my God, I'm coming.”

Just after it happened, she looked down to see if she had squirted on her parents' couch. She hadn’t, which was a relief. Then she enjoyed the afterglow by stroking herself with her hand. She remembered Judy's exposed breasts and she played a bit with her own nipples.

Paul hoped hed be invited to join in the breast and genital rubbing, but he kept his patience. She said she’d do something for me; I just have to wait for it.

After Darina had caught her breath, she was very blunt, “Have you ever had a blowjob?”

“Oh yeah, of course I have.” He didn't mention Judy, which didn’t surprise her.

Actually, Paul was hoping he’d be allowed to penetrate her well-lubricated pussy. He didn’t know if Darina was a virgin or not, but he knew about his own lack of experience. Getting his cherry busted with this pretty girl tonight would be ideal. He had masturbated thinking about her at times; sometimes he imagined fucking her on the floor of the supply room.

Then he thought, Well, maybe we'll do it later on or maybe on some other night. In any case, he figured that an actual fuck with her was practically guaranteed, eventually.

Darina was very direct. She said, “Stand up, right in front of me.” When he was in position she undid his pants. Unlike the session with Judy, she lowered his trousers and underwear; his erect cock jutted out.

“Give me a second.” She used Judy’s ploy of freshening her lipstick. In a moment her mouth was bright red.

Okay, now what do I do? Fortunately, she had seen Judy's technique from start to finish, so she copied that. She was sitting while he was standing. She held his hips and pulled him forward. I wonder what it tastes like? Well, there’s only one way to find out. Like Judy had done, she started by kissing and sucking on the tip of his cock. A small bit of fluid came out which she licked up. Pre-cum; this guy is ready to go, so it shouldn't take too long.

She moved on to licking and kissing the shaft. She put her lips around it to get some lipstick on it. Now it was Paul's turn to moan and groan. He held her hair and repeatedly said her name.

Then it was time to hold the base and suck on the outer half of the shaft. The taste seemed okay; Paul had taken a shower that afternoon. But what impressed Darina was the sexual power she was exerting over him. He was completely in the moment as her mouth worked on his penis. He reached down to touch her bared breasts and he managed to massage her nipples.

Darina could feel the pressure building up inside his cock. This isn’t going to take long. She reached out to cup his balls, and then she started to massage his buttocks.

He became more rhythmic in his forward thrusts, and louder in the noises he was making. She didn't mind the brevity of the act; the length of time for the sucking was more than adequate. She briefly wondered what it would be like if he went down on her; she had never experienced that with a man. Should I have him do that to me when the present act is over?

She could feel his cock stiffen even more as he rocked back and forth. Then she wondered what she would do when he came. Taking his entire load and trying to swallow it seemed daunting. She considered pulling him out at the last moment and aim him so that he shot went, well, where? If it was aimed over her shoulder then surely a lot would land on the couch, which would probably be difficult to clean properly.

She wished she had asked for a handkerchief at the beginning, and then he could ejaculate into that. She came up with a compromise. At the last moment, she would pull him out and stroke him with her hand. She would try to aim it so that most was launched into her open mouth. That seemed better than gaging on the entire load as it poured into her throat.

It worked pretty well that way. As he cried out in pleasure, their aim was pretty good. Some of it got onto parts of her face, but that wasn’t too bad. She contemplated the taste of the stuff actually in her mouth. It seemed a bit salty but bland; she thought of New England-style clam chowder. She never considered using her mouth, as Judy had done, to remove the remaining cum from his cock and also to show additional affection.

He collapsed so that he was leaning over the back of the sofa. Darina kept her wits and made a simple request, “I could use a handkerchief now if you've got one.

She used it to clean her face. She was a bit perturbed that some had gotten on her but, thankfully, none on the sofa. This couch is rather expensive.

They both seemed at a loss as to what to do next. Paul stood there, stunned perhaps, until he pulled his pants up and sat down. He could see that Darina wasn’t even looking at him. She felt disappointed; this all had all been so abrupt with little romantic build-up. It was just a series of physical acts.

He tried; he put an arm around her shoulders. He hoped that she might kiss him, but she made no attempt to do that or even to nuzzle him. She looked straight ahead at the opposite wall.

Darina, for her part, having completed the session, was now thinking of a way to get him out. He obviously is fond of Judy; maybe he is even in love with her. She couldn’t figure out what was so appealing about Judy’s swelling behind and frizzy hair. The fact that she was also smart and funny didn't figure in the other woman's calculations. She thought that she herself possessed those qualities.

She needed time to think; she said, “I’m going to the kitchen for some seltzer.” She didn’t offer any to him.

Once in there, she assessed her situation. He obviously likes having two chicks at once; maybe there are even more I don’t know about. She had to work in the office, but the idea of him being around during her sophomore year at City College seemed intolerable.

She came back with the best excuse she could think of. She indicated her belly and said, “I’m not feeling very well. I don't think that Chinese food agrees with me.”

“I’m really sorry to hear that.” What am I supposed to do about it? He had been fantasizing about copulating with her on the couch after that well-executed blowjob. She's not wearing panties now and her bra is open; she’s already primed to go.

Instead, he heard, “Maybe it would be best if you go. I need to lie down for a while.” I feel like I just got here; lie down with me. But he knew he was being dismissed. In a few minutes, he was catching the A train at 207th Street.

As per Duke Ellington, the A train was the fastest way to Sugar Hill in Harlem. But Paul was going to change there for the D up to The Bronx.

previous entry: Formulate a crazy sexy experience

next entry: Meagan's New Toy Gets Its First Workout

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