There is just me and my words....
by The.Quill.Pen

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a writer's venting.


just going through some old stories and trying to spark something.  I want to start writing again and to get writing.  I hate it when I start something and then am unable to continue with something even though I want to.  I am the queen of writing poetry(even though right now, that's pretty dried up), but I want to write longer stories.   Haha.  I used to write fanfiction a long time ago.Boy, googledocs would've been awesome back then.  Yahoo messenger was just becoming popular and I'm not sure if Google was a thing.

Anyhow, I'm just doing some creative venting.....

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previous entry: **untitled story #1


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I love writing my poems and stories but I know that one of the reasons I love writing poems is because they are short. (well, I average 1.5PGS but in comparison) I'll go a few months without writing a poem and then I'll go a week and write 3 of them. I just let them come to me. I almost never force a poem.
So maybe start back up small. [A RedSox FanStar] [reply]

Did you privatize all of your personal entries?

Poetry is my jam...I wish I was better at detailed story writing [head.above.water.Star] [reply]