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So I was looking through my creative folder and came across this from 2008.  "Oh Wow" as my son would say.  It's unfinished,



June 1st 2008



It was raining; she could hear it: thump thump; rat a tat tat. Lying in bed she tossed and turned, restless. She couldn’t sleep, damn it. It was the storm, she knew. She always hated storms….


Succumbing to the storm outside, Deidre pulled back the covers, kicking her legs out on the side of the bed. Stretching, she put on her terry cloth robe, ever so quietly, trying not to wake up the sleeping body beside her and made her way towards the kitchen to fetch a glass of water and Tylenol for her pounding headache. She retrieved a glass from her cupboard and filled it with water. Opening the Tylenol she pulled out of the medicine cabinet she took two pills. Swallowing them, she heard a knock at the door.


&ldquoamn it, who could this be?” Deidre said as she turned toward the microwave clock that read 4:15 am. “At this hour?” With a heavy sigh, Deidre made her way toward the door. Looking through the peephole, she discovered it was Ethan.


Her Ethan, though he would never know it. Being that she worked with him, only succumbing to her feelings would compromise things. She and Ethan were working as partners in the LAPD crime unit. Ever since she had met him those three years ago, she had hidden feelings for him. His Hispanic looks, his fit frame, shaggy black hair and dark eyes made it hard to concentrate. He was definitely good looking and later she discovered he was rather witty and smart. She was a rookie and he, a detective. She had never thought that Chief Wilson would pair them together. Chief Wilson had said, however, that Ethan Chavez would be a good mentor to her and would make the transition into being a detective. Why? She didn’t know.


Though, she made herself known at the precinct, working twice as hard to keep up with the others. It was hard then, being that she was the only woman on the force then. She had made herself known when she was assigned to help out on a serial killer case. Partnered with three others, she was the one that chased the perpetrator and tacked him down.


She opened the door to him, slightly wary. In front of her, he stood, creating a pool of water on the floor.

“What’s up?” Deidre asked as she pulled back a tendril of dark brown hair that was in her face.

&ldquoidn’t you get a call what was going on?” Ethan asked as he stepped inside her apartment, towering over her 5’4 frame.

“N-no.” Deidre said with a sigh as she walked to her hallway closet, retrieved a dark maroon-bathing towel and threw it at him. “I had a date tonight; I must have left my phone on vibrate…”

“ With who?” Ethan asked, as he reached out his hands to catch the towel. He dabbed his neck, his face. “The date.”

“Trevor.” Deidre said with an exasperated sigh, making a quick look at her bedroom. “What’s going on? Does this have to do with the Getetti case?”

Tony Gatetti, was head of the Gatetti family that was involved in the mafia. Chief Wilson and the rest of the precinct had been following him for months, watching their family and recording data. They had tracked some of his crimes to Los Angeles, which had brought the Gatetti family to the LAPD’s attention. There was a series of killings that were happening and the police were thinking that there was a connection with the Getetti Family.

“You and I have to be on a five o clock flight to Chigago. Chief Wilson is going with us and we’re meeting him at the airport. He will fill us in on the details.

“I’ll get packing.” Deidre said as she adjusted her robe, turning her back to him.

Ethan had already noticed the soft pink strap of the nightie that she was wearing, drooped down from her shoulder.

“Whatever you miss, we’ll pick up on the way.” He said meeting her eyes , trying to act casual.

“Baby?” a tired voice came from the bedroom.

She gave Ethan a look as she turned her head and walked toward the voice that beckoned her.

“Shhh.” Ethan heard her say. He heard the bed squeak, the ruffling of sheets. He sat down on the nearby sofa, trying not to overhear.

“Ethan is here.” She said softly into his ear. “ I gotta go out of town for a while.”

“How long?”

“I’m not sure.” Deidre said as Trevor rose from the bed and shut the door. “I’ll let you know as soon as I know.”

Deidre retrieved her suitcase from under the bed and began to pack some clothes and other necessities.

He sighed as he walked toward her. “Please be careful.” He took her into his arms and gave her a brief kiss on the lips. “You have to come back to me.”



Ethan tried his best not to eavesdrop, but he couldn’t help it. Even though her personal life was none of his business, he wanted it to be. He wanted to be in her personal life, and more than just her partner and her friend. He loved her, and always had. One year with her and he knew that he fell for her and he fell hard.


“Come on…” Ethan said as he noticed that she was walking toward her, suitcase in hand. We better get moving. “

“Take care of her.” Trevor said as he met them in the corridor.

“I always do.” Ethan said, putting his hand on her lower back to guide her out the door.

Deidre looked behind her, taking in a last look at Trevor, not knowing how long she would not see him. Trevor followed them to the door to lock them out. His eyes, memorizing the look of her, afraid that he might never see her again.


Chief Lawrence Wilson was an impatient man. He stood in terminal four, the terminal that he was to meet Detective Chavez and Officer Cummings. They were late. Lawrence had been pacing back and forth for at least forty-five minutes. He stopped and glanced at his watch. Make that fifty minutes. &ldquoamn” Lawrence muttered to himself as he nervously brushed back the hair that was left on his nearly bald head. He brought out his phone, in preparation to call.


“There’s no need..” Ethan said as he walked toward Lawrence.

“God damn it Chavez.” Lawrence said giving him a glare. “You’re late and I know that it’s your fault.” He pointed toward the terminal. “Get your bags checked and get the hell on that plane!”

“Yessir” Ethan and Deidre said in unison. The y hurried through security and just barely made it in their seat before the hatchet to the plane was closet


Moments later they were seated next to each other, with Deidre sitting between the two men. Ethan sat in his chair, opening a bag of peanuts as Lawrence started to talk.

“Okay, you two, listen up,” he said, snapping his fingers to get their attention and spoke in a quiet voice low enough that they could hear. “ You two are going undercover. Deidre, you are a new waitress in the bar that the Garetti boys frequent—Jazzies. You go by Lisah Mae, and you’re working while you are trying to make it to the Broadway scene. I know you sing a little, and on Tuesday nights you sing the classics, by Frank Sinatra, and the like, wanting to keep the music alive. Lisah dresses kind of provocative, so we need to pick you up some clothes.”

“What’s my objective?”

“To get as close to Andre Gatetti as personal as you can get. Find out anything and everything about him. We think that there is some business going on from the bar that may be tied to the murders in Los Angles. We have settled the beef with the Chicago P.D., who are assisting us, so behave.” He looked at Ethan.

“ He likes brunettes so it shouldn’t be that difficult.

“Great.” Deidre said with a sigh. “ He’s not a one woman girl if you know what I mean.”

Lawrence smiled. “ Then make him one.”

Ethan fidgeted in his seat, nervously. “What about me?”

“Ethan, you are Anton Willis, the new owner of Jazzies. Te real owner of Jazzies is going to let you manage it for a while, though with his help. He already told them that he had sold his bar to this Anton Willis, and the manager, Steven Dawson, is arranged to go to Paris for a few months if need be.”

Ethan sighed. “Okay.”


Lawrence said: “Anthony Dubois, from the 18th precinct in LA, will be getting everything set up, and you will be reporting to him as he will be reporting directly to me. I am flying down there to make sure that everything is set p correctly. Anthony is the one that will be leading this investigation. He will let you know every little detail of what is going on within the case.”


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except for proof reading, this was very good and definitely kept my interest-wanting more [A RedSox FanStar] [reply]