by &DearKrystle.
Location: Puyallup
Birthdate: 03/16/1989
Gender: Female


Hi my name is Krystle. I am from washington. I am working to be a massage therapist. i have a huge family.

Stephanie [My Mom]
Jim [Step Dad]
Brian [Oldest Brother]
Bethanie [Oldest Sister]
Tony [Dad]
Susan [Step Mom]
Jeremy [Oldest Step Brother]
Nathniel [Step Brother]
Alisa [Step Sister]
David [Half Brother]
Chance [Half Brother]


i have some animals too.

Rajah [Dog-Mastif]
Shadie [Dog-Mastif]
Halie [Out Door Cat]
Destiny [Indoor Cat]
Angel [Indoor Cat]
Sammie [Bird]
Rubie [Cat]



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