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by valencia

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New Boyfriend...


I have a boyfriend...and he is amazing...I am finally making strides in moving on from Eman...Im finally feeling that I am able to get over boyfriend is amazing...i mean he cleaned my apt while I was at work like wow...i was amazed...I really feel he is the one..I love him..he met my dad and my dad loves him...i was supposed to meet his mother today but she got sick... But really he treats me like a queen...bought me flowers for our first date..he is thoughtful and just cares about me...he gave me a foot massage bc i mentioned my feet hurt and bc of my disability my right foot always hurts..and he massaged it for me..he is so tall and im so short its funny...he is seriously amazing...he says he is in love with me i am not there yet but i know i will be very soon it scares me...buti do feel this different...we are already planning trips for the future...anyways i am on my phone so i will write a better entry when i use my laptop.

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previous entry: Moving


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