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Mexico City!


Mexico City was awesome...just got home...i have never felt more safer in such a large city...it is absolutely gorgeous and very modern...so much hiatory...the food was sooo good i am seriously all mexican food out. Lol we talked to taxi drivers and they think America is not safe like we think Mexico is not safe...media manipulation will do that...to divide us even more...please go visit this amazing city. Stop going to the resorts and visit Mexico City...I already want to go back maybe for thanksgiving depending on a lot. I felt safe the entire time so many people and I never got harassed....I practiced my Spanish and I felt confident...they thought I was gringa I had to tell them I am indeed Mexican-American 3rd generation. 😂😂 I seriously would move there in a heartbeat if I could. There are so many American stores and restraunts....I will talk more in depth later on.I did fine on my first plane ride but threw up coming home we went through some turbelence and I got super nauseated...but I am glad I am home...the Mexican Authorities are so nice didnt have trouble with customs at the airport he was so happy that we came to visit his awesome country...and the police were also so nice and helpful. I seriously cant say anything negative about the city and country. Everyone was eager to show us around...we paid 2 or 3 bucks for a taxi to take us accross town...everything was cheap...

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