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Unicorn dreams
by Wildheart

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I have a 5 month old!


WOW time has flown by! I know that I haven't written in this since before Bowie was born! I actually started to write about his birth and never finished or posted! He's 5 months old today! He was a couple of weeks early but completely healthy and perfect! He is super stinkin cute, spoiled, and smart. He's been sleeping through the night and LOVES tummy time. He's figuring out how to hold on to things figuring out how to hold onto things longer. Writing this makes me a little sad because he's just growing so fast!


As for his "dad" ( if you even can call him that) I haven't spoken to him in months! I didn't tell him when I went into labor and he's never seen Bowie. He still texts me the stupidest texts like once or twice a month. Like "Hey is this Lennox?" or "Hey" or " I know it's late but if you could just call me or text me when you get a minute that would be great lol". Honestly why on this green earth would I even want to text him. I want NOTHING to do with him. He may be the "father" of my baby but just because he helped make the baby does not give him a right to be with him after everything he's put me through and is still putting me through to some degree  I found a guy who will love him just because he just does and doesnt have to.


Speaking of... Jamie and I are still together. We get along great and have a lot of fun together and I love every minute of being with him. He acts like he is Bowie's real dad. I didn't expect him to take on the responsibility of my child and I continually expressed that to him but he said we were a package deal and he loves Bowie as much as he loves me so I stopped saying anything about It and decided to just enjoy it. My son deserves love and my boyfriend loves him and who am I to get in the way of that? Our one year anniversary is coming up in December! Everything happened the way it was supposed to. I don't and never have felt rushed or pressured in our friendship or relationship. He's Sweet and understanding and I believe we were meant for each other. In more good news I'm also working a part time job and volunteering. I really want to start a nursing program after high school. I've done a lot of research, I took some AP classes last year and I'm taking some again this year and I'll be signing up for a CPR course. It does suck that I'll be away from my baby so much but I won't be doing everything at the same time with school, volunteering and anything else but I know I am doing it all for good reasons and it will help insure our future the long run instead of me depending on my parents, who are amazing but still I want to make good choices for Bowie and I. I didn't make it to brunch today but I promised I'd come over after so I'm gonna go get ready!

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Congratulations. I'm glad things are working out with Jamie. Bowie's dad sounds like a dick. x [The RyanStar] [reply]

OH total dick. King of dicks! But him being him lead me to a great guy and the cutest baby ever! (I might be a touch biased lol) [Wildheart] [reply]

What's your secret to getting Bowie like tummy-time? My little one is 3 months old, and tummy-time is always a battle. [Fight or Flight] [reply]

I didn't really have to do much of anything! He just prefers to be on his stomach it's the only way he'll sleep so it's very easy to put him down and let him play. I also have this play mat that's a bear with all of these mirrors and Squishies that he loves so I think that helps tremendously as well. [Wildheart] [reply]

I have been thinking about you-wondering what had happened. I am so happy that Jamie and you have a great relationship and congrats on Bowie! [**StephanieNicole**Star] [reply]

Men are dicks!
I know how fast they seem to grow. I can't wait till she is older but I don't want her to grow.
[BeautifullyMessy] [reply]

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