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My Crazy Life!:)
by The Avon Lady

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so i finally got a call back from the unemployment office, they had recieved my reupp for unemployment but their still processing it, and i have a follow up call for the 26th of feb at7:30am to get an update..... seriosuly what am i supposed to do? my bills are all fucked up now,  my mom and my bf are covering everything for me i feel like shit. my mom has to have a special hear cath procedure on the 4th of march for her 100% blockage... I WANT A FREAKING JOB.  Avon helps it does... but when car payment, student loans,  cancer insurance... phone bill... im just so over this covid thing. i dont hear back from my applications... im jsut over this stuff... 


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previous entry: mom heart cath

next entry: eventfull week...

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Goodness, I'm sorry.

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