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nouveau départ.'s Diary
by nouveau départ.

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[FOUR] Struggle. Pt. 2


Struggle- Part Two

So I walked into work this morning just dreading how the day will go.

I walked into my office and guess who was there early? If you guessed Marcy, ding ding ding, you're correct. She was early even after telling me Friday she can't work ovetime anymore per Gourdo.

I thought "well maybe she'll just leave early...." and let it go.

So I found this wonderful thing called Podcasts over the weekend. I found this series about a wrongfully convicted person from a murder case. I found it Satruday I think but I thought "well might as well listen to it while I work."

When I got to my desk this morning (still arrived 15 minutes early because traffic is so unpredictable and I'd rather be early than late), I put my purse away in my drawer, turned on my computer and waited to clock in.

I logged into the computer and clocked in at 7:28 (which is rounded to 7:30). I put my ear buds in and started the podcast. I worked on what I needed to work on in the morning and got that done then needed to move onto my normal work. At this point, it's about 9:30 or so.

I got up a few times before then to get stuff off the printer. Not a word to me from Marcy and not a word to me from Gourdo.

I shrugged it off and kept working. I took my lunch break around 11:45 or 12noon. Messaged a little bit with Momma. Then my half hour was over and back to work I went.

I stuck to my own commit to just go in, work and leave thus far. Not a single person said a word to me.

Then a little before 3:30, Sue came into the office with a paper. It was an insurance EOB (explaination of benefits) and they were taking money away from the check total on a claim. So Sue said "can you call the insurance because we sent them a refund check for that amount already...they can't take that money from this check." Now, i'll pause and explain something.

My other coworker, lets call her Martha, her title is "reconciliation specialist." Let me remind you what "reconcilition" means "Reconciliation is an accounting process that uses two sets of records to ensure figures are correct and in agreement. It confirms whether the money leaving an account matches the amount that's been spent, and making sure the two are balanced at the end of the recording period." So in other words, Martha is in charge of making sure what goes out gets paid coming in. SO technically, she should call and follow up since she's the one that send the insurance refund check. But instead, Sue wants me to. I go into the patient's account, and there's Martha's transaction with "insurance refund check" but NO note as to why it was refunded or when it was refunded. NOTHING. So I just took a deep breath and called the insurance. Spoke with an insurance rep and he stated "nope no check is received..." So I take that back to Sue and explained there's no refund check with the insurance. She goes "well if Martha just sent it, you'll need to wait until next week..." I said "why can't Martha just call and stop the check from getting cashed??" She then asks Gourdo and he goes "well if it was already sent she can't..." WTF. If I send a personal check, I'm 100% certain I can call and stop it from being cashed. Of course, Martha leaves every day at 2:30 so I couldn't go to her about the issue. So i told Sue "ok...." and walked away.

I went back to my desk to finish up the day since at this point it was 3:50 and Heaven forbid, I get .2 over time hours today by clocking out late. So I finished and was able to clock out at 4pm.

On my way home, I cried. I hate being so emotional. I HATE being so emotional. Being so isolated at work is hard. They had some food that a few others contributed too. I had no idea about that either. I was never told I could bring in food or not. Am I being as petti as they were to me? Probably. But I just personally feel like if I can go an entire day without them trying to converse with me, then it's pretty obvious they don't want that kind of relationship with me. It's obvisous i'm just their "coworker" and that's it.

previous entry: [THREE] Struggle. Pt. 1


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