Tales of a Retail Jockey
by Freckles

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I've noticed that of late people have lost their manners. How a person treats someone in customer service really tells you about them. That said, there are times where I wish I could ask people if they'd like to buy some manners with their other purchases. Just, you know, acknowledging the cashier when they greet you takes less than a second. And blurting out "debit" instead of saying hello isn't a greeting at all. It's saying that you think the cashier is less than human. It takes no effort to be pleasant to another human being. You wouldn't talk to your friends like that, so there should be less reason to be rude to a cashier. What have they done to you? Nothing. Even if you're having a bad day, that isn't a reason to be a jerk. Now I get that people can be going through a hard time, and I can certainly relate to that. But one encounter can completely ruin a persons day. I had a person talking on her phone, completely ignoring me once. When I asked her if she wanted a bag, she ignored me. She turned away from me and didn't stop her conversation. When I rose my voice a little, she still ignored me. So I pressed my lips together and cleared my throat. She finally looked up, still on her phone, and in a disgusted voice demanded to know if we were going to have a problem. Of course, I was not impressed and told her I just wanted to know if she needed a bag. She rudely exclaimed that of course she needed a bag. So I put her things in a bag, and she waved her debit card in my face. When she finished paying, I handed her the bag and she ripped it out of my hands and swung it, almost hitting me in the face with it. She left and I got on with the rest of my shift. This was witnessed by another cashier and several other customers. A lady told me she didn't understand how people could be so rude. I can. I see it every single day I go to work.
I went to the back room to continue the task I was previously working at. Twenty minutes went by and I was paged to the front of the store. I assumed for backup but it was that customer again. I mentally prepared myself for another gongshow of an encounter. When I got up to her she pulled me aside and what she said, blew my mind. She told me she was sorry and that the fact that she was having a bad day was no reason for her to ruin mine as well. She explained that she had recently been given terrible news and that she had no excuse for her behaviour. She said it was obvious I was just doing my job and she had behaved poorly. It was a surreal experience. I can count on one of my hands the number of times I have had someone apologize for being rude to me at work. People shouldn't need to apologize for being rude; they shouldn't be rude in the first place. Yes, shit happens, and we are guilty of having moments of being rude, but that is no excuse, and we should all strive to be more polite.

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It takes guts to apologize to someone. Kudos to that lady and kudos to you for keeping your cool during the situation! [.Kismet.] [reply]

Apparently everyone is having a bad day. I think you did the right thing to stay calm in the situation. I agree that the way people treat those they do not know says a lot about them. [SteveStar] [reply]