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This Is The Life We've Been Given!
by KawaiiPrincess

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Reason I got dumped


He may have dumped me and I know alot of people will probably say I deserved it but I wanted to let everyone know why I got dumped. I had cheated on him more than once with an ex but it wasn't just with him as on another occasion I cheated with a different guy. Mostly I went the full way and I wasn't drunk or there's no real excuse to it but the last two times I had kissed my ex and that was as far as it went but it's still cheating as I was with someone. So yes I may have deserved it but I regret it terribly but I can't turn back time now but if I could I would and I wouldn't do it. I love Curtis and I really want him back. I'm on holiday in Italy atm and we went to Verona today, We went to Juliet's wall.I wanted to put a letter on wall because i'm heartbroken but didn't know what to write as i'm not good at these things and I had no paper anyway so I couldn't do it. Then I saw the locks and wished me and Curtis had one if only we'd still been together but instead I borrowed a black felt too pen and wrote: Naomi was here 12/6/18 on a window/wall near the locks.

Anyway I'm lucky he still wants to be my friend but just hope we do eventually get back together, even if it takes upto 3-4 months or more as being friends first for a bit. I'm seeing him at the end of June for few days and can't wait, I bought him a present from Italy, it's a Romeo and Juliet shot glass and I've a matching one too. I also go over in July too. And in August, we go on holiday to salou together so hopefully it will be good as it won't just be us two as my mum and daughter will be coming with us.

previous entry: Heartbroken


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No, you don’t love him. If you loved him then being faithful wouldn’t be an issue in the slightest. You played and now you pay. Sounds like Curtis is better off with someone who will cherish him and be respectful. [reply]

My thoughts exactly but she has lied throughout this rubbish , she is a fantasist and it is rare a man wants her and the poor child has had more men in her life than hot dinners [reply]

Clearly long distance isn’t a relationship you should be in with this man. Maybe if you lived closer getting back together eventually could work but it doesn’t sound like a long distance commitment will work. Good luck [head.above.water.Star] [reply]