This Is The Life We've Been Given!
by KawaiiPrincess

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Love is in the air <3


There once was a girl who met a boy online via the ps4 her name was Naomi and his name was Curtis and they fell for each other very quickly.

I went over to see Curtis on the 18th August and things went really great he's super sweet and just really nice in general. He spoiled me like a gentleman should. we went for meals, drinks and to the cinema and even went shopping. I didn't want to come back home on the 22nd August but i had to because Morgan's here and i missed her. So back to video calls it was but on the 23rd August, he asked me to be his girlfriend and i said yes of course.

So i'm going over to see him again on the 17th September till the 21st September then he will be coming over to see me in October Happy Days!!!

xx Naomi xx

previous entry: This Is The Life We've Been Given! (UPDATE)

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I hope things work out for the two of you [just delStar] [reply]